www.myretirementfuture.com – Manage and Access Retirement Plans Online

My Retirement Future

  • The My Retirement Future service is a self service web site for customers who have CUNA Mutual Retirement to manage their account online
  • Both employees who have their insurance coverage through CUNA and employers who manage their workplace retirement through CUNA can utilize the My Retirement Future service
  • My Retirement Future lets CUNA retirement members view their current retirement balance, change their elections as to how their retirement is invested, make an emergency withdrawal from a CUNA account, and other important options

Customers who are using CUNA My Retirement Future for the first time will need to set up their online account before they can use it for the first time. Setting up a CUNA online retirement account means the customer will need to enter the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number, their date of birth, and their plan number. A CUNA Retirement Plan Number is located on both the instruction form for online enrollment and on every statement notice received. Members who don’t have their plan number can contact the CUNA Participant Service Center to get theirs. All information found on the CUNA My Retirement Services web site should be considered as updated and as accurate as possible, and calling a CUNA representative would get access to the same information.

My Retirement Future Notes

  • Easy to use
  • Requires a valid email address when signin up

More Things to Know About CUNA

CUNA (which originally stood for Credit Union National Association) is a mutual insurance company that was founded in 1935 and has their headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. The CUNA company is most well known for providing retirement services to small businesses and credit unions across the United States. CUNA has an annual revenue of over $3 billion, and has just over 4,000 employees at their various offices.

  • CUNA also provides home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance
  • To contact CUNA Retirement Solutions please dial call 800.279.4015

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www.mylacountybenefits.com – Access My LA County Benefits Service

My LA County Benefits

  • The County of Los Angeles benefits service lets people who work for Los Angeles county manage their benefits information (mostly medical insurance) online, any time
  • County employees will need to use the  for the Los Angeles County insurance open enrollment period each year
  • Workers who have forgotten their PIN for the Los Angeles County benefits service can reset theirs by entering their full Social Security number and their six digit date of birth

To log on to use the LA County benefits service, employees will need to enter their six digit Employee ID and their PIN number or password. For employees who are using the service for the first time, their PIN will be their two digit birth month and their four digit year of birth. The LA County benefits service will require this PIN to be changed to another 8 digit numerical code after the initial setup. Only people who are actively working for the County of Los Angeles as a full time or part time employee can access the My LA County Benefits service, and any access by someone who is prohibited may result in legal punishment.

How and when can changes be made to benefits for the County of Los Angeles?

Once benefits elections have been made, federal law mandates that no more changes can be made until the next open enrollment period outside of major life events like a marriage, the birth of a child, a separation or death. Members must notify Los Angeles County and submit the proper documentation for the change within 90 days of the life event online or through the mail.

To contact a representative about Los Angeles county benefits

  • Call a member services representative at (213) 388-9982
  • Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple St. Room 358, Los Angeles 90012

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www.mysunlifebenefits.com – Access SunLife Plan Benefits Online

My SunLife Benefits

  • The Sun Life Benefits plan service is for customers who have Sun Life dental and vision benefits, Sun Life disability, Sun Life life insurance, Sun Life critical illness benefits, or Sun Life accident benefits to manage their account 24 hours a day
  • Customer can file a short term disability claim with Sun Life online and start getting their benefits within one week
  • Sun Life customers can use the online benefits page to print off important documents, find a local Sun Life office and more

Sun Life dental customers can find the closest dentist that takes Sun Life, view updated dental benefits information (like how much has been spent and how much is remaining). For Sun Life disability customers,  applying for “Evidence of Insurability” online is easy, and any disability forms and applications are always available. Customers with questions about Claims or Evidence of Insurability will need to visit Sun Life Online Advantage.

My SunLife Benefits Comments

  • Assurant Employee Benefits is part of the Sun Life group, so employees who have their benefits handled with Assurant will need to use the Sun Life benefits portal
  • No matter how an application was submitted (through the Sun Life benefits web site or mailed in), customers can check the status of a Sun Life insurance claim any time of day online

What Sun Life insurance applications and forms can’t be handled online?

Claim forms for Sun Life accident insurance, Sun life long term disability, Sun Life customized disability insurance, and Sun Life critical illness insurance cannot be submitted online and must be mailed in with a paper application. These Sun Life insurance documents are considered to be more secure than other types, and filling out an online application would violate federal privacy laws.

To contact Sun Life Financial:

  • 1 (800) 786-5433
  • Sun Life Financial, One Sun Life Executive Park, P.O. Box 81100, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

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www.mycigna.com log in – MyCigna Disability Claims and Health Assessement

My Cigna Log In

  • Cigna customers can use the “My Cigna” online portal to check their Cigna coverage, find the status of a Cigna claim, view account balances, find a Cigna doctor, update their personal address and more
  • Customers who are registering only to enroll in a Cigna Life, Accident or Disability Insurance plan will need to use the temporary User ID and password that was provided by the employer to Cigna
  • To register for a Cigna account, customers will need to provide their first and last name, their date of birth, their Cigna customer ID or Social security number

Anyone who is enrolling or participating in a My Cigna Health Plan can create an account, as well as anyone who is enrolling or who is participating in a Cigna Life, Accident or Disability Insurance Plan. Anyone who is covered by a family member’s Cigna plan can register for an account, but they will not have any access to claims or detailed coverage information.

My Cigna Log In Comments

  • Cigna user who are registering to take a Health Assessment with Cigna will need to make a separate registration each each person needing an assessment (for example, a spouse and dependents will each need their own) and have each person login with their own ID and password
  • Users are not required to pay a fee for using the Health Assessement service

More About Cigna

  • Cigna’s current slogan is “We Can Help You Be at Your Best”
  • Cigna Corporate Headquarters, 900 Cottage Grove Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002
  • Any questions about the My Cigna health service can be directed to 800-997-1654

Cigna was founded in 1982 by a merger between Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (also known as CG) and INA Corporation. Today, Cigna offers Medicare/Medicaid products, along with life, accident, and health insurance. Cigna has 35,800 (in a Dec 2012 measurement), operates in over 30 countries around the world, and has an annual revenue of almost $30 billion.

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www.my.petinsurance.com – Access Nationwide Pet Account Online

My Pet Insurance

  • Access or register for a Nationwide pet insurance account online
  • Customers who are already members can login with their Login ID while new members will have to go through a tiresome registration process
  • Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which are controlling. Such terms and availability may vary by state and exclusions may apply

My Pet Insurance is designed for over the top (and is some cases crazy) pet lovers who feel a need to have their pet insured.  Insurance plans are offered and administered by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in California and DVM Insurance Agency in all other states.  The My Pet Insurance services covers only dogs and cats at this time (sorry mice and gerbil owners are left out in the cold).

My Pet Insurance Account Services?

  • Update the customers contact information (i.e. address, phone number) and method of payment
  • Check the status of a current pet insurance claim
  • View the customers history of all claims filed via My Pet Insurance from Nationwide
  • Download forms needed to file an insurance claim
  • Renew a My Pet Insurance policy
  • Read pet health stories, policy news, Member Perks and more in The Companion newsletter

At this time there are a total of 3 plans offered by My Pet Insurance: 1. Whole Pet with Wellness 2. Major Medical 3. Pet Wellness.  The Whole Pet with Wellness plan is the most expensive checking in at $64 per month and provides 90% back on veterinary bills.  The Major Medical plan is $34 a month and covers benefits for accidents, illnesses & hereditary conditions.  The Pet Wellness plan is the cheapest option for pet lovers costing $17 a month but only comes with basic medical needs such as shots, flea control, and vaccinations.  Any questions about the My Pet Insurance service can be directed 888-899-4874.

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