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A Better Way To Retire

  • The “A Better Way to Retire” website is a service of Austin Capital, and is designed to give customers all the information they need to make smart decisions related to their personal retirement accounts
  • One of the biggest rules that Austin Capital promotes to their customers is to never leave retirement money on the table, and to take full advantage of any incentives to earn more retirement income

Austin Capital knows that being informed is crucial to having a successful retirement plan, so they’re out to provide retirement account customers with up to date technology and data to gain insight to their retirement. Austin provides unbiased financial information to help customers stay aware of what’s going on financially around the world.

People who transition from one job to another often have the chance to roll over their 401K program, and Austin Capital breaks down exactly the best way to handle that transition.

Austin Capital assists both individuals who are planning their own retirement, and corporations who want to establish effective retirement plan solutions for their employees.  Individuals looking for more assistance can even speak with one of Austin Capital’s dedicated financial advisors to receive personalized help.

How does Austin Capital help retirement customers?

Austin Capital helps people planning their retirement account in several areas, like having dedicated news pages for real estate, investments, economy, and more. There’s even a special newswire for information related to 401K plans (like tips on how to have an ethical 401k).

  • One section of Austin Capital’s website shows how retirement plans will change in 2016, like the introduction of the MyRA, no more claiming Social Security twice, a bigger saver’s credit threshold, and higher Medicare Part B premiums for some people

To contact Austin Capital:

  • Call 214.624.1000
  • Email info@austincapitalllc.com

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