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My Cigna Log In

  • Cigna customers can use the “My Cigna” online portal to check their Cigna coverage, find the status of a Cigna claim, view account balances, find a Cigna doctor, update their personal address and more
  • Customers who are registering only to enroll in a Cigna Life, Accident or Disability Insurance plan will need to use the temporary User ID and password that was provided by the employer to Cigna
  • To register for a Cigna account, customers will need to provide their first and last name, their date of birth, their Cigna customer ID or Social security number

Anyone who is enrolling or participating in a My Cigna Health Plan can create an account, as well as anyone who is enrolling or who is participating in a Cigna Life, Accident or Disability Insurance Plan. Anyone who is covered by a family member’s Cigna plan can register for an account, but they will not have any access to claims or detailed coverage information.

My Cigna Log In Comments

  • Cigna user who are registering to take a Health Assessment with Cigna will need to make a separate registration each each person needing an assessment (for example, a spouse and dependents will each need their own) and have each person login with their own ID and password
  • Users are not required to pay a fee for using the Health Assessement service

More About Cigna

  • Cigna’s current slogan is “We Can Help You Be at Your Best”
  • Cigna Corporate Headquarters, 900 Cottage Grove Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002
  • Any questions about the My Cigna health service can be directed to 800-997-1654

Cigna was founded in 1982 by a merger between Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (also known as CG) and INA Corporation. Today, Cigna offers Medicare/Medicaid products, along with life, accident, and health insurance. Cigna has 35,800 (in a Dec 2012 measurement), operates in over 30 countries around the world, and has an annual revenue of almost $30 billion.

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