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Cigna for Healthcare Providers

  • Cigna Heath Care now offers a specialized website portal exclusively for healthcare providers
  • Doctors and other health professionals can use the site track their patients’ claims, analyze eligibility, manage liability issues, find important forms, and access specialized support services
  • Registration is simple – it takes just a few minutes, and you’ll have full access to Cigna services quickly

Cigna makes it easier than ever for healthcare providers to review and determine patient eligibility, track claim status and payments, access certification requests, and much more. Use Cigna’s exclusive, provider-only site for invaluable support that will allow you to streamline office operations and improve patient care.

Important Information

  • Access is only available to providers in the Cigna health network
  • Medical, dental, and behavioral health professionals are all eligible for Cigna HCP membership
  • Services include but are not limited to patient information consolidation, claims tracking, eligibility determination, and claim coding support
  • Initial registration is quick, but approval may take several business days
  • You can also access comprehensive guides that provide important information on patient and provider support

You can use Cigna for Healthcare Providers to assign specialized staff access, review important patient information, estimate expenses, and determine estimated liability, ensuring you have all the information you need to serve patients from the moment they walk in the door.

How to Register for Cigna for Healthcare Providers

  • Go to cignaforhcp.com
  • Click “Register Now” near the bottom of the page
  • Select your clinic’s area and type
  • Enter the requested information on the following page
  • Click “Next”, the follow the instructions to confirm your Cigna Healthcare Provider account

With numerous resources, valuable tracking functions, and much more, Cigna for Healthcare Providers gives you the tools you need to manage your practice, serve patients effectively, and ensure you’re always providing the best care. Register today at cignaforhcp.com