www.fuelrewards.com card activation – Login or Register for Fuel Savings

www.fuelrewards.com card activation

Save money on costly gasoline with the Shell Fuel Rewards Program!

Simply head on over to www.fuelrewards.com/activation and follow the on-screen instructions to begin.

This is a FREE gas loyalty program that rewards members with cents-per-gallon savings at the pump.

In order to register you will have to provide your name, email address, and zip code (a phone number is not needed contrary to popular belief).

You will also have the option to receive promotional emails about the many ways you can earn rewards through the Fuel Rewards program (optional).

FuelRewards.com Activation Customer Service

Please send Shell an email at support@fuelrewards.com with any questions or suggestions on how they can improve their rewards program.

How does the Fuel Rewards program help me save money on fuel?

Simply shop and dine with participating retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, Shell convenience stores, and more to earn Fuel Rewards savings. Once earned, swipe your Fuel Rewards card or enter your Alt ID at the pump to redeem your rewards. – Shell Rewards FAQ

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Shell Rewards Tiers?

There are two separate tiers depending on the member’s level.

All new members receive complimentary Gold status for the first full six months of membership.

After that period, members will need to qualify for Gold status by filling up with at least 5 gallons 6 times or more during the qualification period.


www.vzw.com/digitalrebatecenter – Claim Verizon Wireless Rebate Online


VZW Digital Rebate Center

  • Enter claim information via the Verizon Wireless promotional Center to obtain a valuable rebate
  • In order to start the process, the customers will need the Promo Code provided at the time of VZW product purchase to start the rebate redemption process
  • Be sure to review the promotional details prior to submission as any incorrect information could result in a delay

The VZW Digital Rebate Center requires the customer to provide their contact information, shipping or billing information, bar codes (UPC) and Verizon Wireless order information in order to claim their rebate.

The VW promotional center also allows the customer to upload copies of the VZW receipt and bar codes (UPC) to complete the process (if needed, not all rebate offers will require this).

VZW.com/digitalrebatecenter Customer Service

  • Phone:  1-800-922-0204 (Mon – Fri, 7 AM – 9 PM local time Saturday – Sunday 8 AM – 9 PM local time)
  • Mail: Verizon Wireless Correspondence P.O. Box 408 Newark, NJ 07101-0408
  • To make a payment by mail send it to “PO Box 408 Newark, NJ 07101-0408”
  • Tech Problems with http://VZW.com/digitalrebatecenter please write to “Verizon Wireless Internet Operations One Verizon Way Basking Ridge, NJ 07920”

To contact the VZW sales team please dial 800.225.5499.

All rebates associated with the VZW Digital Rebate Center will come in the form of a prepaid debit card with a preloaded amount of funds (please note this is not a credit card and once the funds have been used it will become worthless).

VZW Digital Rebate Center Comments

  • The receipt must show the Verizon Wireless product equipment price and the model purchased
  • Proof of purchase can be confirmed through the bars codes labeled UPC, MEID, or IMEI
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for the rebate status to appear online
  • Most rebates submitted via the VZW Digital Rebate Center must be submitted within 30 days
  • Only one rebate is allowed to be submitted at one time
  • If the rebate offer has expired there is no way for the customer to still claim the rebate
  • VZW rebates are allowed to be submitted online or via US Mail BUT not over the phone
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for the rebate to be processed (in many cases the Verizon customer will receive their rebate in under 3 weeks)
  • Once the rebate has been submitted the customer will receive a confirmation via email

Redeeming a rebate associated with a Verizon Wireless authorized dealer requires the customer to provide the store name, date of sale, and the Verizon Wireless device that was purchased (to include the make and model).

Any questions about the VZW Digital Rebate Center can be directed to 844-408-8471.

Please do not send a VZW rebate with a monthly bill as the Verizon Billing department is not equipped to handle rebate processing.

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www.thebuildcard.com/apply – Respond to Build Card Offer


The Build Card

  • Apply for the Build MasterCard which comes with a smooth $500 credit line
  • Can be used anywhere the MasterCard logo is present
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States and 18 years of age or older in order to apply

The Build Card promotional offer will require the applicant to provide the offer code, application ID, zip code and the applicants SSN.  The Build Card offer code and application ID can be found on the promotional mailing.  Those who receive the promotional offer have been pre-selected for a new Build MasterCard based on credit score and history.  The Build MasterCard is issued by Republic Bank & Trust Company, member FDIC, pursuant to license by MasterCard International.

Build Card Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-800-634-9558
  • You can also text “HELP” to 88100 anytime

The credit card is designed to help the consumer build their credit score while still having the purchasing power of a major credit card company i.e. MasterCard.  Any questions about the Build credit card from MasterCard can be directed to: Build Card P.O. Box 9203 Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9203.

Card Highlights

  • Special financing on purchases of $500 or more
  • Free standard and freight shipping on Build.com Credit Card purchases
  • Special cardholder discounts and offers

Consumers who are in a race with time and need to make an overnight payment can mail it to: Build Card Box # 660269 1500 Dragon St, Suite A Dallas, TX 75207.

TheBuildCard.com/Apply Instructions

  1. Receive the promotional offer in the mail
  2. Do not let your wife toss it in the trash
  3. Navigate to the application URL
  4. Provide the offer code and application ID
  5. Allow 7 days for the card to arrive by mail
  6. Activate the card and use everywhere MasterCard is accepted

What are some of the benefits of the Build Card?

  • An affordable credit line with clear upfront pricing
  • Unlike secured cards, there’s no deposit to get access to a credit line
  • Online access to the card account 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Accepted anywhere in the WORLD where the MasterCard logo is present


  1. www.thebuildcard.com/apply
  2. Activate the Build Card

www.jetbluemastercard.com/activate – Activate JetBlue Card Account Online

Jetbluemastercard.com/activate Notes

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Open to legal residents of the United States
  • Earn up to 10,000 Bonus Points After Spending $1,000 in the First 90 Days
  • Visit www.jetbluwmastercard.com/activate now
  • A must-have travel credit card for Jet Blue customers

Please access the JetBlueMastercard Activater help page for any issues they may arise during activation.


Jet Blue MasterCard Activate

  • Customers who have applied for a JetBlue MasterCard will need to log in and activate their card before they can begin using it
  • When cardholders spend $1,000 on their JetBlue MasterCard within their first 90 days, they will receive 10,000 bonus JetBlue reward points
  • JetBlue MasterCard holders save 50% off in-flight purchases like food, drinks, and movies

If you are a “True Blue” rewards program member, there’s no faster way to rack up points than by using the JetBlue MasterCard (www.jetbluemastercard.com/activate).

Cardholders earn JetBlue points for every single purchase they make and earn great bonuses when their card is used for JetBlue purchases.

JetBlueMastercard.com Activate Benefits

  • Customers will earn 3 times the points on any purchase with JetBlue
  • 2 times the JetBlue reward points at restaurants and grocery stores
  • 1 point for all purchases everywhere else
  • The JetBlue MasterCard has no annual fee

Flights booked in JetBlue earn six points for every single dollar spent.

Jet Blue MasterCard Activate Comments

  • The activation process will take less than 2 minutes to complete
  • Be sure to have the Jet Blue card account number on hand
  • An email address will be required upon activation

With JetBlue’s “True Blue” points redemption program, there are no blackout dates to when the customer can claim their flight, and points can be redeemed for any class of seat. But perhaps the best part is that points members earn in the True Blue program never expire.

Important Things to Know About JetBlue

JetBlue is an American low-cost airline most well-known for its great in-flight amenities and overall above average customer service.

  • Founded in 1998 and started operations in 2000
  • The fifth largest airline in the United States
  • One of only two airlines in America that have a four-star rating from Skytrax, with the other being Virgin America
  • Serves just under 200 destinations with a fleet of just over 215 planes
  • In 2015, JetBlue became one of the first American airlines to be granted a charter to fly to the country of Cuba

Any questions in regards to the Jet Blue MasterCard activation process can be directed to 1-877-408-8866.

The JetBlue corporate office is based at 27-01 Queens Plaza North Long Island City, NY 11101 and can be reached at (718) 286-7900 (phone) or (718) 709-3621 (fax).

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www.qdoba.com/rewards – Earn Free Food at QDOBA

QDOBA Rewards

  • Sign up for the QDOBA rewards program and earn reward points on each QDOBA purchase
  • This is a must reward program for QDOBA FAN BOYS
  • Customers who place an order online or in store using their QDOBA rewards account will earn points on every dollar spent on qualifying transactions

QDOBA.com/Rewards is available for download at Google Play and the App Store or customers can register for the rewards program at any QDOBA location by filing out a short registration form.  Once the customer is a QDOBA rewards member they will start earning reward points when chowing down at QDOBA.  Once the customer has earned enough rewards they can use them at the time of check out.  If the order is made in store the reward points will automatically be deducted from the customers bill.  The Qdoba Mobile Rewards app is a must as it allows the QDOBA FAN BOY to do everything they need from managing a rewards account, place mobile orders, and save a credit card for easy, in-store payment.

www.QDOBA.com/Rewards Notes

  1. Get points for every dollar spent and then use those points for free food!
  2. Customers should attempt to obtain the Apprentice tier as they will then receive a perk with every order
  3. QDOBA rewards members can also share their reward points and send a friend free food!
  4. Registration for this lucrative rewards program only takes a few minutes and requires a valid email address
  5. This program is different then the previous QDOBA rewards program as members will receive points on every dollar spent so they can receive points for small purchases like drinks or a Chips & Queso (previously members only received reward points when a entrée was purchased)

Must try menu items at QDOBA?

  • Adobo Chicken Burrito
  • Habanero BBQ Brisket Entree (heat seekers will love this one)
  • Knockout Tacos
  • Fire Roasted Shrimp (Pineapple pico, cilantro lime dressing and chimichurri sauces… whats not to like here?)


  1. www.qdoba.com/rewards