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Prefunds AA Refunds

  • Travelers can request a refund for an American Airlines paper ticket by using the AA Refunds web site
  • Refund requests for a paper ticket from American Airlines do have to be submitted individually for each ticket
  • Customers can also check the status of a paper ticket refund request by logging on and entering their document number

To start the process of getting an American Airlines paper ticket refunded, customers just need to enter the document number and passenger last name on the AA refunds web site. Once entered, the web site will look up refund eligibility and what options are available. Actually mailing a form in is required to get an American Airlines paper ticket refunded, but this web site lets customers know what can happen before mailing documents in.

For a paper ticket refund with American Airlines, travelers have to cancel the reservation in question (find the “My Reservations” section on the American Airlines web site to do this).

What is a paper American Airlines ticket?

A paper ticket from American Airlines is used when the flight coupons are purchased instead of an e-ticket (meaning the actual pieces of paper that have flight information and are called flight coupons). Paper tickets from American Airlines are generally used when someone purchases a ticket in person for someone else departing from another city. American Airlines paper tickets are  useful if a flight is canceled due to  a mechanical or airline related problem.

To contact American Airlines about a paper ticket refund request

  • American Airlines Attn: Paper Ticket Passenger Refunds, 4000 East Sky Harbor Boulevard, Phoenix, Arizona, 85034

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