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My Diversicare Pay

  • Customers of Diversicare Healthcare Services can visit the MyDiversicare site to pay a bill associated with their account
  • Diversicare has care facilities located across the United States, and offers a convenient location tool on their website to help patients find the closest one to their home
  • The Diversicare web site offers financial resources with information related to Medicare, Health Insurance, Medical Care, Managed Care, Medicaid, and Hospice Care

Diversicare is one of the leading post-hospitalization care services in the United States. From seniors to people recovering from illness or injury to rehabilitation, Diversicare provides medical attention long after a hospital stay is over. Patients who are utilizing services from Diversicare can sign on to the My Diversicare web site to make a payments towards their account with any major credit or debit card.

My Diversicare Pay Comments

  • Free to use and only take a few minutes to register and account
  • With a “Continuous Quality Improvement” program that was established in the 1990s
  • Diversicare has a focus on prevention of, rather than reaction to issues patients may encounter after a hospital stay
  • Diversicare seeks out every opportunity to take care of the patients in their care, and looks forward to prevent and problems.

One of the programs that Diversicare is most well-known for is their Lighthouse program, which is a comfortable and secure facility that makes transitioning a loved one into long-term care as easy as possible. Lighthouse from Diversicare offers a number of services to make sure their patients are as healthy as possible, but not just with physical health. They offer strength and training, programs to maintain a healthy weight and diet, and even assistance with tough to navigate financial and legal issues that are often associated with long-term care.  Diversicare even works directly with the United States VA to find nursing home care for veterans through the VA Community Nursing Home Program.

To contact My Diversicare Pay Services?

  • Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc., 1621 Galleria Boulevard, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
  • 615.771.7575

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