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  • Volt employees can log on to access their insurance benefits information, which is powered by Aetna
  • The Volt employee portal lets workers view their insurance benefits, update their personal contact information, and elect new changes once the open enrollment period is open each year
  • Volt Information Sciences makes their employee benefits available through a convenient and secure payroll deduction

Employees who work for the Volt corporation have their personal benefits like insurance through Aetna.Volt Information’s insurance includes options like MedSure Plan, Fixed Indemnity Plan, Hospital Income Plan, Dental Plan, and more. The Aetna MedSure plan covers preventative care 100%, and has a $6,000 individual deduction.

  • Power of Ready┬áVolt employees who sign up for benefits within their first month of employment, benefits begin the first month after one complete calendar month of payroll deductions
  • If an employee does not enroll in their Volt benefits in the first month of their employment, they cannot enroll again until the annual open enrollment period comes around

To sign on to see Volt personal benefits through the Volt employee portal. customers will enter their user ID, which is their Social Security number plus adding the numbers 606 at the end. The Volt password will be the last four digit of the user’s Social Security number. Once the Volt employee account is accessed for the first time, users will be given a chance to change their password.

More about Volt

Volt Information Sciences is a company that provides international staffing services, solutions for outsourcing, and help with information technology infrastructure. Volt started as a small technical writing business in the 1950s, and quickly grew to provide personnel services as well. Volt Information was one of the most well known technology companies in the 1970s.

To contact Volt employee benefits

  • 855-226-0913
  • 1133 Avenue of the Americas, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10036
  • 212-704-2400


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