www.progene77.com – Get Paid to Participate and to Increase Your Levels?

Progene 77

  • The Progene77 service lets people find more information about Progene Testosterone Research opportunities that give patients the opportunity to receive medical treatment for their low testosterone and receive compensation in the process
  • When men sign up to lean more at Progene77, they can join hundred of men from around the country in the largest testosterone study of its kind
  • Not everyone who applies will be paid

Please note in this study, men will measure their testosterone levels, take Progene, and then measure their testosterone levels after a certain time of taking Progene to see the results the medication had (and then get paid for their time taking the study). Through Progene77, men can find out their testosterone levels through saliva based testing methods, do all study steps from their home (testing materials are all shipped straight to their door at no charge), and get almost $200 in study materials in addition to their other compensation. Men who are participating in the Progene77 study can stop their participation at any time by logging in to their Progene77 account and clicking the “cancel study participation” link. Statements on the Progene77 page have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and any recommendations from newspapers or other sources on the Progene77 site aren’t considered to be any form of journalism or research, but just marketing and advertising.

Who can participate in the Progene77 study?

Patients who are taking any other medications, any medicines that require a prescription to get, those who have a history of heart conditions or other major medical issues, problems with blood pressure regulation or prostate issues will need to ask their doctor if Progene is right for them and if they’re fit to participate in this study.

To contact Progene about taking part in the Progene Testosterone Study

  • 544 W Liberty St, Suite 200, Cincinnati, OH 45214
  • (866) 776-4363

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www.myhealthequity.com – Access Health Equity Account Online

My Health Equity

  • The My Health Equity Service lets customers log in and manage their Health Equity account online
  • This service is not associated with Obama Care
  • Operated by Health Equity Inc.

Health Equity Services manages several types of accounts, like HSAs (Health savings accounts), FSA (Flexible spending accounts), HRA (Health reimbursement arrangements), DCRA (Dependent care reimbursement accounts) QMEs, (Qualified medical expenses webinars), and educational webinars. Members who have a Health Equity account can reset their password through this service if they’ve forgotten theirs, or set up a Health  Equity account for the first time if they’re new members to the service. The only funds that will be in a Health Equity account will be the money that the member deposits, meaning there’s no type of interest or other investment potential to be had. Please note with the Health Equity program, members can build up a health savings fund that can be withdrawn from for any type of medical expense (including emergency situations or small things like co-pays at a doctor’s office). Also any legal resident of the United States who has healthcare coverage can sign up to be a part of Health Equity, regardless of how much they plan to spend on medical care.

M0re Info To Know About Health Equity

Founded in 2002, in Tucson, Arizona, HealthEquity is actually a non-bank health savings trust. This means it can manage funds deposited by members until members withdraw funds for healthcare needs. The Health Equity headquarters are located in Draper, Utah, where they moved in 2004.

To contact Health Equity

  • Call them at 866.346.5800
  • HealthEquity Client Services, 15 W Scenic Pointe Dr, Ste 400, Draper, UT 84020

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www.myanthemchoices.com – Compare Anthem Health Insurance Plans Online

My Anthem Choices

  • Operated by Anthem Inc.
  • Anthem BCBS customers can search for plans that their preferred doctor already accepts, or look through insurance plans to find a doctor close to their location
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield tax credit subsidy estimator even gives applicants an idea of what their monthly cost will be with each plan

To use the My Anthem Choices service, users will need to be Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield members. They can log in with their normal Anthem.com login information, or they can log in with their BCBS identification number, name, date of birth, and ZIP code. Anthem health insurance customers can even create an online profile for the My Anthem Choices service so they can save their application and finish it up at a later time. The plans listed on My Anthem Choices are all plans that are available, and any plan that is listed when a customer logs in is available for that customer to sign up for. Changes that a customer makes using the My Anthem Choices service will take effect during the next open enrollment period, which is usually in the fall of each calendar year. Please note the My Anthem Choices services is set up for customers who have Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance to compare available health plans and choose the one that best fits their needs

My Anthem Choices

  • An ideal tool for those shopping around for health insurance at the best price
  • Can be used by both Anthem and non Anthem customers

More to Know About Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem is the biggest for profit privately managed health care association in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. The Anthem BCBS company began in 2004 when the Anthem Insurance Company purchased WellPoint Health Networks. The company has an annual revenue of over $67 billion and just over 37,000 employees around the world.

To contact BCBS Anthem about health insurance changes:

  • 800-654-9338
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, P.O. Box 430, North Haven, CT 06473

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www.highmarkmedicaresurvey.com – Take Highmark Survey With Priority Code

Highmark Medicare Survey

  • To start taking the Highmark Medicare Survey, patients will need to have their priority code (patients without a Highmark Priority code can enter their ZIP code to get started)
  • By taking the Highmark Medicare survey, patients have the chance to send feedback about the care they’ve received
  • When patients give feedback on a Highland Medicare experience, they will need to select the specific location they received care from

The Highmark Medicare Survey lets customers who have received care from a Highmark medical facility take a short survey about their experience and have that feedback sent directly to Highmark medical managers. Highmark Medicare locations offer personalized assistance to people searching for the right health insurance policy both for themselves and for their families. Founded in 1977, Highmark is a private healthcare company with their headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Highmark is the largest health insurer in Pennsylvania, and thanks to a purchase in 1996, the largest health insurer in the state of West Virginia and the largest in the state of Delaware. The annual revenue of Highmark is just under $15 billion a year. pLEASE NOTE Highmark Choice Company, Highmark Senior Health Company, and Highmark Senior Solutions Company are Medicare Advantage plans with a Medicare contract. HM Health Insurance Company is a PDP plan with a Medicare contract.

Highmark Medicare Survey Quick Notes

  • Should take less than 5 minutes to complete
  • All feedback will help improve on customer service

Why should patients visit a Highmark Medicare location when they’re searching for new Medicare coverage?

At Highmark, patients can get help finding a doctor and making appointments, answering claims, benefits and enrollment questions, transferring medical records, using Member Advocacy Services, taking premium payments (they accept checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) and utilizing the tools and services that are available through the Highmark member website.

To contact Highmark Medicare customer service

  • 1-800-294-9568

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www.healthyliving.pepsico.com – Access PepsiCo Wellness Program

Healthy Living Pepsi Co

  • Pepsi employee can use the Pepsi Online Wellness Portal to access their company healthcare benefits
  • By using the PepsiCo Wellness Program web site, employees of Pepsi can access their healthcare information quickly and conveniently online
  • Access to the Pepsi Wellness web site is only open to people who are currently employed by Pepsi and their dependents

Employees will need to set up a user ID and password to use the Pepsi Wellness web site. To create a new account, people will need to have their Pepsi employee ID number and will need to create a new, unique password for the site. The Pepsi Wellness Program web site gives Pepsi employees any information they need related to their insurance benefits like their insurance plan coverage, the ability to find recent insurance claims and more. The Pepsi Healthy Living site helps employees make small changes with their health that will add up to big differences over. Pepsi employees can get a free Personal Health Assessment and Scorecard, combined features that give an individualized, personalized look at how of everyday health choices, including exercise, diet, stress, tobacco use and sleep, affect overall health. Pepsi employees can also track their biometric values. Their personal scorecard uses the information provides to tailor recommendations for maintaining or improving overall health.

Pepsi Wellness Program Rewards Program

One of the most popular portions of the Pepsi Wellness web site is the opportunity for Pepsi employee to earn rewards just for taking part in physical fitness tasks like self evaluations and quizzes related to healthy matters. Pepsi employees can even use the Online Wellness Portal to track their own health and earn rewards points for making healthy choices.

To contact Healthy Living about the Pepsi Wellness program for employees

  • Phone: 1-855-PEP-1117
  • A fax number could not be found for Healthy Living Pepsi Co

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