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Key Rewards

  • When you use your KeyBank account like normal, you’ll earn KeyBank Relationship Reward points
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities to earn KeyBank bonus reward points every single month
  • Having a KeyBank checking account is not required to participate, but it does help you earn points even faster

When you sign up for KeyBank Relationship Rewards, you’ll earn points just for doing the things you already do with KeyBank: using your credit or debit card, paying a bill with Online Bill pay, and more. The more you do with your KeyBank account, the more points you’ll earn! You’ll earn points just for using your cards for regular, everyday purchases.

There’s even the chance to earn more KeyBank points by doing qualifying monthly transactions. This may mean that you need to move a certain amount of money to your KeyBank checking account, or it may be something like spending a certain amount with your KeyBank credit card. You can earn up to 2,500 extra KeyBank reward points every single month. There are also special “Shopping Deals” each month that give you an additional reward for shopping with a certain online retailer.

What sort of rewards can you earn with your KeyBank Rewards? You can cash in your KeyBank points for travel, electronics, donations to charity, gift cards, and even cash back! Whether you’re saving your KeyBank points for a special, large purchase, or you cash them in as soon as you can for cash back, there’s a reward for you!

You do not need to have a KeyBank checking account to participate in this program, but you can rack up rewards faster if you have one. And since KeyBank offers some of the best terms around on their checking accounts, there’s no reason not to sign up!

To contact KeyBank about your rewards account:

  • 800-539-9056


  1. www.key.com/rewards