– Papa John Employee Training

Papa John CSOD

  • If you’re a Papa John’s employee, logon to complete your mandatory online training
  • Find your manager to get your Papa John’s online training ID and password
  • Your Papa John’s training must be assigned by a general manager or higher

Papa John’s has only been around for a little over 30 years, but they’ve quickly established themselve as a leader in the pizza industry. If you’re a Papa John’s employee, you know that it’s a great place to work! Papa John’s is a company that’s truly invested in their employees. One of the ways Papa John’s shows their commitment to their employees is with frequent training and education on different aspects of the industry. These training sessions are designed to help make Papa John’s a better place for both the employee and the customer.

Remember that Papa John’s requires all employees to be clocked in while they’re taking training. Any time that you take training for Papa John’s will be compensated! You will need to register to take Papa John’s training online. See your manager for your login ID and password for your training.

Papa John’s online training is usually reserved for those training in masters certification in a certain area, and it must be assigned by a GM or higher. You can’t just logon and decide to take the Papa John’s training sessions on your own! In general, the areas of training for Papa John’s are: tending the oven, taking orders, actually delivering pizza, topping the pizza, and dough slapping. Each one of these areas is a crucial part of the Papa John’s experience!

Once you complete a training course, you’ll have “master certification” in that area. For most people at Papa John’s masters certifications are stepping stones towards higher management! So make sure you’re taking the time to do well.