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Federal Reserve Benefits

  • The Federal Reserve Smart Benefits website is intended for employees of the Federal Reserve to manage their retirement plans, post death benefit plans, and thrift plans
  • Both defined benefit plans and thrift savings plans include a matching program where the Federal Reserve will match what an employee puts into their account
  • By making this information available online, the Federal Reserve opens access to these accounts to employees at home, and also to their families, retirees (and their spouses), and potential employees
Employees who work for the Federal Reserve have access to a “Smart Benefits” portal that lets them manage their benefits conveniently online. Employees can view their Federal Reserve retirement account online and see what their current balance is, plus change their elections and amount that’s contributed each paycheck. If an employee doesn’t have computer access at home, there are several kiosks located throughout the Federal Reserve that have the Smart Benefits portal set up for easy access.
  • The Federal Reserve Benefits Center is considered to be a private government system, so unauthorized users are taken very seriously, and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law
  • As a recent security measure, Social Security numbers are no longer used to log on to the Federal Reserve Benefits website
  • If a user hasn’t set up an ID, they will be asked to enter their Social Security number one last time, at which point they will have to create a new user name

The Smart Benefits portal does allow employees to handle things like group funds, hardship withdrawals, loans, transferring between a thrift plan and a fixed income plan, and withdrawing from a Fixed Income account online, but these transactions must be made before three days prior to the end of the month to be processed for that month.

To contact the Federal Reserve Benefits center:

  • 877-FRS-CALL


  1. www.federalreservebenefits.org