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You Shop Online We Pay

  • The You Shop Online We Pay website is a part of Shop.com, a website dedicated to letting shoppers compare prices for the items they’re looking for, and rewards shoppers with points on all their purchases
  • Shop.com goes beyond simply comparing prices though, and offers buying guides to help shoppers make informed decisions about the things they buy
  • Market America, the corporation behind Shop.com, has over 50 million products available through their various online services

Comparison (such as You Shop Online We Pay) shopping sites are incredibly popular for travel, including airfare and hotels, but now Shop.com is bringing that setup to shopping for other items like clothing, shoes, beauty, electronics, and nutrition. Shop.com helps customers search for the best deals online, and then gives the customer a certain percentage of cash back. So not only is the customer saving money in the first place, but they save even more money when they get cash back.

In addition to helping customers find the best prices from other retailers, Shop.com offers “Hot Deals” that offer even more cash back. Recent Hot Deals from Shop.com included deals like 12% cash back on an Entertainment coupon book, 15% cash back on ink cartridges, 2% cash back from Car Rentals.com and more.

Almost all purchases on Shop.com can be returned as long as it’s within a 30 day window from the date of purchase.

More about Shop.com

Shop.com was founded in 1992, and specializes in one to one marketing. Market America serves over 3 million customers each year, and has generated almost $4 billion in revenue. Market America brands make up some of the largest online retailers around the world.

To contact Shop.com

  • customerservice@shop.com
  • 1-866-420-1709

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