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Dental Discounted Plans

  • With discount dental plans from AmeriPlan, customers can save as much as 80% on dental services like root canals, crowns, cavity fillings, cleanings, and more
  • There’s no waiting period to join AmeriPlan dental services, and no limit on the number of visits or amount of service a customer can receive
  • Membership in AmeriPlan is just $19.95 a month for dental coverage, and that includes the entire household (all residents of a house: parents, children, relatives, significant others)

AmeriPlan is a comprehensive dental insurance plan, and has saved members millions of dollars with their comprehensive plans since 1992. Dental Discounted Plans is an easy to use and affordable alternative to insurance, and has a large network of providers that have agrees to offer their care at discounted fees to people in the program. As one of the largest discount medical plan organization in the US, AmeriPlan works just like traditional health insurance. Customers will show their AmeriPlan card when they visit for an appointment just like insurance.  In most cases, AmeriPlan Members will save around 25% to 70% on all dental work like fillings and crowns, and up to 80% on preventative dental work like cleanings. Specialist dental services are discounted about 15% to 25% usually.

  • At less than $20 a month, it doesn’t take long for customers to see benefits from AmeriPlan dental coverage
  • Prescription drug, vision, and chiropractic care programs are included in the dental package at no additional cost
  • Payments are made every monthly or every quart by electronic bank draft or credit card only
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee with AmeriPlan
  • If Dental Discounted Plans customers join and don’t get savings they like, they can cancel for a full refund

AmeriPlan has over 1 million members, and has a network that extends to 4,000 hearing care providers, 12,000 optical care providers, 56,000 pharmacies for prescriptions, over 7,000 chiropractors, 60,000 general medical care providers, and 30,000 dental care providers.

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