www.edd.ca.gov/ui_online – Access California Unemployment Insurance Online

EDD CA Gov UI Online

  • California residents who are receiving unemployment benefits can manage their account online 24 hours a day
  • For tablet or smart phone users, there’s a special CA UI site that will be compatible with their devices, and will offer all of the same benefits and level of service as the main site
  • The state of California Unemployment Insurance service is only available to residents living in the state

The state of California Unemployment Insurance Online service is set up to allow residents to access their California unemployment insurance claim information, certify for weekly California unemployment benefits, and manage their CA unemployment claims any time of day. All forms for California Unemployment are also available in Spanish. Residents who are enrolled in Partial or Work Sharing claims can not certify their weekly benefits through this service, and can not open an existing claim through CA UI Online, but they can access all the other important features of this service. California’s Unemployment online site includes options to file weekly certifications, view all past processed unemployment payments, reopen an unemployment claim, schedule a California unemployment appointment, and view/print all tax forms needed. Please note by signing up for California Unemployment alerts, residents can receive instant notification when they’re eligible to file for a new week, when unemployment benefits have been paid, and when they need to update their paperwork.

Who can file for unemployment in California?

In the state of California, any worker who has lost their job through no fault of their own, and who did not quit their job willingly, can file for unemployment benefits. California unemployment benefits are based off of the worker’s last known salary, averaged over 4 pay quarters.

  • Once an initial application has been filed, CA unemployment benefits should start paying out 2 to 3 weeks after the initial claim was filed

To contact a representative about California Unemployment Benefits (i.e. EDD CA Gov UI Online)

  • Employment Development Department, P.O. Box 826880 – UIPCD, MIC 40, Sacramento, CA 94280-0001

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www.ftetolls.com – Pay Florida’s Turnpike Toll Violations Online

FTE Tolls

  • By using the FTE Tolls online service, customers can pay an unpaid toll violation they received traveling on the Florida’s Turnpike
  • Drivers who never received a notice because they changed addresses are still responsible for their toll fees because it’s their responsibility to notify the DHSMV within 20 days of moving
  • Residents who receive a notice in the mail about a Florida Turnpike Toll will need to have their confirmation number on their mailer to apply their payment to the right account

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise (also called FTE) has hired the legal firm of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson to collect their unpaid toll violations, late fees and other charges owed by people who didn’t pay a toll. For drivers who had a stolen license plate where someone else didn’t pay a Florida Turnpike toll, the owner of the stolen tag must report to the police that it was stolen and provide a sworn affidavit to the Florida Division of Motor Services for the plate to be cancelled. Even in the car’s owner wasn’t driving at the time the toll wasn’t paid, the registered owner of a vehicle is still responsible for any violations accrued during that time, regardless of who was actually using the vehicle.

How long does it take payments through FTE Tolls to be applied?

  • Payments made through the FTE Tolls online payment service will be sent directly to Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson  and will be applied to the customer’s account within two business days
  • Residents who live in Florida and have a SunPass account that was active while the toll wasn’t paid must send documentation to FTE proving they were covered at the time of the violation

Any questions in regards to a FTE Tolls issue can be directed to a representative of the FTE Tolls service at 877.258.5261 (please note this number will not be available on weekends and federally recognized holidays… i.e. Christmas, New Years Day).

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www.mylicense.state.pa.us renewal – Access Pennsylvania Online Licensing

My License States PA US Renewal

  • Instead of having to visit a physical office location, the state of Pennsylvania lets people renew their professional licenses online quickly and conveniently
  • During the time Pennsylvania is transitioning to this new online renewal system, residents may not be able to apply for new professional licenses, but only renew one that they already have
  • If a Pennsylvania online license renewal process requires paperwork that needs a little more documentation (like a name change), it may take a little longer than usual

The  Pennsylvania Online Licensing web site lets residents of the state apply for and renew a number of different licenses online like RN, CNS, CRNP, dietician, pharmacist and more. Residents who apply for a new license or renew their professional license online with the PA pro license online system do need to allow 48 hours for the databases to be completely updated to reflect new license information. Any information that a PA resident submits in regard to getting a new license (like Medical Physicians and Surgeons or Medical Acupuncturists) will not be reflected right away.

My License States PA US Renewal Notes

  • Easy to use
  • Does not come with a fee
  • Requires a short registration process

How to request a duplicate professional license online from Pennsylvania

Residents that already have a PA MyLicense User Id and Password will just login to their account, but residents registering for the first time online to renew their license, change their address, request a duplicate license or check the status of their application,will need to have their license registration code (which can be found on the wallet card portion of their license or on another notice received from the PA state board) and their last name (as it appears on their notice).

  • The Pennsylvania MyLicense website is best viewed by using an Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser. Presently, PA MyLicense does not support tablet or mobile devices
  • To contact the state of Pennsylvania about a licensure application online Pennsylvania Department of State 302 North Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120

Primary References

  1. www.mylicense.state.pa.us

www.mybmv.com account – Access Indiana Bureau Of Motor Vehicles

My BMV Account

  • With the Indiana Bureau Of Motor Vehicles web site, residents can handle a number of services they would traditionally do through an Indiana DMV office like getting a new license of finding a copy of their driving history
  • To use any of the Indiana BMV web site services, residents will need to create an account online
  • Fees on the BMV web site can be paid with E-check, Visa credit or debit card, or a MasterCard credit or debit card

Indiana residents can view an Indiana Driving Record, find an Indiana vehicle title online, and request a replacement Indiana driver’s license through the BMV web site. Vehicles registered in Lake and Porter counties in Indiana are required to undergo emissions tests and tampering inspections every two years before the registration can be renewed. All license plates or registration cards done online through the Indiana Bureau Of Motor Vehicles system will be received within 14 days of payment. People registering multiple vehicles online through Indiana BMV may receive a registration that requires a new license plate at a later date than a vehicle which only requires a registration sticker.

How to Get An Affidavit of Ownership Online In Indiana

If Indiana residents can not get a certificate of title from the seller of a vehicle (and the vehicle is valued at $5,000 or less according to NADA clean retail value), they can apply for a certificate of title by completing the “Indiana Affidavit of Ownership for a Vehicle State Form 23037.” An Indiana resident person who owns their vehicle with a certificate of title that is damaged, has been lost, or otherwise destroyed, can apply to the BMV for authority to sell their car, give their car away, or dispose of their vehicle for scrap metal without applying for a certificate of title.

To contact the Indiana Bureau Of Motor Vehicles

  • Call 888-692-6841
  • Indiana Government Center North Room 402 100 North Senate Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204

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www.arstar.com – Arkansas Streamline Vehicle Renewal


  • By using the Arkansas Streamline Vehicle Renewal web site, residents of Arkansas can renew their vehicles easily and quickly online
  • A valid credit card or electronic check information will be needed to make payment online for a car renewal in Arkansas
  • Once residents renew their registration in Arkansas online, it will take a minimum of 5 business days for mail delivery of the new registration decal

To renew an Arkansas vehicle online, residents just need to have their Arkansas Renewal Reminder notice that has the Renewal Identification Number as well as the Verification Code. The Arkansas vehicle STAR renewal system can be used to renew multiple vehicles at one time as long as they are within the 90 day renewal period. Vehicles do not have to be registered at the same address. There is no additional charge to use the Arkansas STAR system to renew a vehicle registration online.

Before renewing an Arkansas vehicle license plate online, residents are required under Arkansas Law to have current liability insurance, and they are required to assess their vehicle with the county assessor (meaning pay all personal property taxes that are owed). The only drivers that can’t use the Arkansas STAR system are trucks registered at one ton or larger, trailers, boats, special license plates that have additional documentary requirements (like Justice of the Peace Plate, firefighter plates, search and rescue plates, and Civil Air Patrol Plates).

Can an Arkansas vehicle registration be renewed without the renewal reminder document?

If residents don’t have their Arkansas Renewal Reminder, they can renew their Arkansas registration by using the last four digits of their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), their car’s current License Plate Number and their Arkansas Zip Code.

To contact the state of Arkansas about a vehicle registration

  • Office of Motor Vehicle, P.O. Box 3153, Little Rock, AR 72203
  • (800) 941-2580

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