www.arstar.com – Arkansas Streamline Vehicle Renewal


  • By using the Arkansas Streamline Vehicle Renewal web site, residents of Arkansas can renew their vehicles easily and quickly online
  • A valid credit card or electronic check information will be needed to make payment online for a car renewal in Arkansas
  • Once residents renew their registration in Arkansas online, it will take a minimum of 5 business days for mail delivery of the new registration decal

To renew an Arkansas vehicle online, residents just need to have their Arkansas Renewal Reminder notice that has the Renewal Identification Number as well as the Verification Code. The Arkansas vehicle STAR renewal system can be used to renew multiple vehicles at one time as long as they are within the 90 day renewal period. Vehicles do not have to be registered at the same address. There is no additional charge to use the Arkansas STAR system to renew a vehicle registration online.

Before renewing an Arkansas vehicle license plate online, residents are required under Arkansas Law to have current liability insurance, and they are required to assess their vehicle with the county assessor (meaning pay all personal property taxes that are owed). The only drivers that can’t use the Arkansas STAR system are trucks registered at one ton or larger, trailers, boats, special license plates that have additional documentary requirements (like Justice of the Peace Plate, firefighter plates, search and rescue plates, and Civil Air Patrol Plates).

Can an Arkansas vehicle registration be renewed without the renewal reminder document?

If residents don’t have their Arkansas Renewal Reminder, they can renew their Arkansas registration by using the last four digits of their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), their car’s current License Plate Number and their Arkansas Zip Code.

To contact the state of Arkansas about a vehicle registration

  • Office of Motor Vehicle, P.O. Box 3153, Little Rock, AR 72203
  • (800) 941-2580

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www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/renew – Access New Jersey License Verification System

NJ Consumer Affairs Renew

  • The New Jersey Consumer Affairs web site gives residents the opportunity to renew a number of business licenses easily online, from barber to cosmetologist to manicurist and more
  • Residents can also check the status of a New Jersey professional license application by logging in to the NJCA web site
  • Applying for a New Jersey professional license online doesn’t have any additional fees, and costs the same as applying in person or through the mail

To renew a business license in New Jersey online, residents must first select the category of their license (like beautician, skin care, or teacher). People with a Social worker, CDS Advanced Practice Nurse and CDS Optometrist license can also renew their license online in New Jersey. For some practices (like massage therapist, pharmacy tech, or Heating,Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors), New Jersey allows people to appl for a new license completely online.

How to verify a business or professional license in New Jersey

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs License Verification System is a real-time system that lets people look up a professional license to see if it’s valid. Keep in mind that some New Jersey professional licenses are issued in the name of the business instead of the name of the individual, so they might now show up just searching someone’s name. Residents can use the New Jersey Business Search option to find the license of a contractor they’re using.

  • Info found on the NJDCALVS site is updated as soon as new information is available
  • To contact the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs RJ Hughes Justice Complex, 25 Market Street, Box 080 Trenton, NJ 08625-0080 OR 1-888-656-6225

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www.dmvusa.com – Department of Motor Vehicles Online


  • The DMV USA web site is an online resource that helps individuals find information about their local Department of Motor Vehicle (also called DMV) office
  • In addition, DMV USA has a partnership with CarInsurance.info to help customers money on life, home, health and auto insurance
  • Most of the time, DMV USA links directly to state specific DMV web sites, so information found is as reliable and updated as possible

Visiting a DMV office can be a hassle, but the DMV USA web site makes it as painless as possible by making sure that drivers has as much information about their local DMV as possible. On DMV USA, drivers will find links to hours and locations of their closest DMV offices, as well as links to DMV forms that can be filled out to make the trip to the DMV a little shorter.

DMV USA has links to driver manuals in each state that help with people taking a driver’s license test, and links to state specific forms (like commercial driver forms, accident and insurance inquiry forms, dealer service forms, and heavy vehicle use tax forms).

Is DMV USA an official government web site?

DMV USA is not affiliated with or endorsed by any federal or state agencies, and is not an official motor vehicle departments web site. DMV USA is an independent company that gives information about DMV locations and offer auto insurance quotes. There is no contact information for the DMV USA web site itself, but the site does provide a comprehensive link to all state DMV offices, with easily accessed phone numbers and addresses. Please note that DMVUSA.com is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored with state agencies or any motor vehicle departments in the United States of America.

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www.texasrecordstogo.com – Request Texas Driving Records Online

Texas Records To Go

  • Provides driving records in Texas (also called MVRs) give a history of driving violations, suspensions, and other details about a person’s driving history
  • The Texas Records to Go web site lets Texas residents order a copy of their driver record online and get it the same day via download
  • Anyone that has a valid Texas driver’s license is eligible to request their driver record online

When drivers order a Texas driving record online, they can choose electronic delivery to have their driving record available for download within 24 hours. Drivers that need to order a physical copy of their Texas driving record can choose to have theirs delivered by USPS or FedEx.

Texas Records To Go Comments

  • Once a Texas driving record order is placed with DPS, the order is non refundable
  • US Mail shipping of a Texas driers license usually takes about 7 to 10 days
  • Texas Records to Go is the fastest and most convenient way for people who drive in the state of Texas to get a copy of their driving record

What is the difference between a certified Texas driver record and a standard Texas driving record?

  • The standard Texas driver record is for drivers that need a background check (or for Texas insurance or employment needs). A standard record has the drivers legal name and date of birth, the current status of their license, and any violations on their record in the past 3 years

Residents need to order the Certified Texas driving record if they have been ordered to take a Texas defensive driving course. A certified Texas driving record contains the drivers legal name and date of birth, the status of their Texas driver’s license, and has a list of any violations in their record.  Any questions about the Texas Records To Go service can be directed to 800-851-3007.

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www.claimit.ca.gov – Claim Unclaimed Property In California

Claim It CA

  • California Residents can log on to ClaimIt CA to see if they have any unclaimed property like old insurance checks, utility deposits, or other missing money
  • Residents can only claim unclaimed funds in California if there is only one owner listed for the property and the property value is less than $5,000
  • The unclaimed property law in California is designed to stop companies from using unclaimed customer’s money for business income

Right now, the State of California has over $8 billion in unclaimed property that belongs to around 32 million people and organizations. Residents can search through California unclaimed money to see if they have anything missing, and file a claim easily online if they find their name. The Unclaimed Property Page for the state of California is run by the California Controller’s Office.  The most common unclaimed funds are bank accounts, royalty payments, trust funds, escrow accounts, safe deposit boxes, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, insurance policies (that have either matured or been terminated), estates, and mineral interests.

Claim It CA Comments

  • Only open to residents living in the state of California
  • There is no time limit on when California unclaimed property can be claimed, and no expiration date on the funds that are available using the Claim It CA service
  • Residents can also use California’s unclaimed property site to check the status of a claim they’ve filed

Where does unclaimed property come from in California?

  • In some cases of unclaimed property in California, the owner dies and heirs have no knowledge about the property

To contact the California Controller’s Office about unclaimed property:

  • P.O. Box 942850, Sacramento, California 94250-5872,
  • (916) 323-8314

California has an Unclaimed Property Law which requires businesses, financial institutions, and insurance companies to compile annually reports about funds they have that haven’t had any contact for three years. In most cases, the owner simply forgot about the account or moved without leaving a forwarding address.

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