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My Nassau Property

  • The Nassau County Land Records Lookup web site lets users access information that’s maintained by the Nassau County Department of Assessment, including tax maps, photographs of property, district lines, past due tax information, current tax rates, and more
  • This web site has maps for every single piece of property located in Nassau County, and is intended to serve as a research guide
  • Customers can find property information on the Nassau County Land Records web site by searching for the property’s SBL (the section, block, and lot) or the address (using both the house number and the street address)

My Nassau Property County’s Land Records site can be used to find information about properties located in Nassau County. This site also works in conjunction with the county Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide even more information to users. The property information provided on this site is considered to be public record, and cannot be removed.

By using the “My Nassau Information” portion of the site, customers can find their local elected officials, see what school district their child would attend, plus view their specific police precinct and fire district just by entering their address. The Nassau County Tax Map verification portion of the site gives residents the chance to view the lines that make up their tax district.

Located on Long Island, Nassau County takes up about 450 square miles, and is home to about 1.4 million residents of New York state. Nassau county is one of the most affluent regions of New York, and is actually regarded as the highest income county in the United States. The county has seen their own budget problems though, and at one point, Nassau County was almost bankrupt. Nassau County is immediately east of Queens.

To contact Nassau County about a land Record Lookup:

  • Office of the County Executive, 1550 Franklin Ave., Mineola, NY 11501
  • 516-MANGANO

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