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Pay Car and Driver

  • Subscribers of Car and Driver magazine can logon to make a payment towards their subscription
  • Customers will need to login with their Car and Driver account number, which can be found on the mailing label on their magazine, or login using their name and address
  • With the Car and Driver subscription management website, customers can choose to sign up for the print version of Car and Driver or the digital version, which will be e-mailed ever month

Readers who love Car and Driver magazine can visit this website to manage everything related to their subscription, like seeing when their subscription expires, changing an address on a Car and Driver subscription, reporting a missing or damaged issue and more. A subscription to Car and Driver can actually save customers as much as 75% off of the newsstand price, with an annual subscription being available for as low as $15.

Pay Car and Driver Comments

  • When a payment is made towards a Car and Driver subscription, it will be applied within 24 hours, and will be reflected in the customer’s subscription when the next printing cycle comes around (the next month of print)
  • Using the online payment system does not come additional fees
  • Payments can be made in less than one minute

More Information About Car and Driver

  • Primary editor since 2009 has been a man named Eddie Alterman
  • To celebrated the opening of the USA’s new national highway system, introduced a cross-country road race called the “Cannonball Run.”
  • Is published on other countries today as well, like Brazil, Greece, and Spain
  • Famous for the John Lingenfelter Memorial Trophy

Car and Driver is an American automotive magazine that first published in 1955, and has a current circulation of 1.2 million, making it the most popular and most well-respected car magazine. The company is famous for their irreverent and sarcastic tone, especially when it comes to under performing or poor quality cars. Any questions about the Car and Driver Magazine payment service can be directed to (800) 348-5711 or by mail at 1585 Eisenhower Place Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108.

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