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  • The DMV USA web site is an online resource that helps individuals find information about their local Department of Motor Vehicle (also called DMV) office
  • In addition, DMV USA has a partnership with CarInsurance.info to help customers money on life, home, health and auto insurance
  • Most of the time, DMV USA links directly to state specific DMV web sites, so information found is as reliable and updated as possible

Visiting a DMV office can be a hassle, but the DMV USA web site makes it as painless as possible by making sure that drivers has as much information about their local DMV as possible. On DMV USA, drivers will find links to hours and locations of their closest DMV offices, as well as links to DMV forms that can be filled out to make the trip to the DMV a little shorter.

DMV USA has links to driver manuals in each state that help with people taking a driver’s license test, and links to state specific forms (like commercial driver forms, accident and insurance inquiry forms, dealer service forms, and heavy vehicle use tax forms).

Is DMV USA an official government web site?

DMV USA is not affiliated with or endorsed by any federal or state agencies, and is not an official motor vehicle departments web site. DMV USA is an independent company that gives information about DMV locations and offer auto insurance quotes. There is no contact information for the DMV USA web site itself, but the site does provide a comprehensive link to all state DMV offices, with easily accessed phone numbers and addresses. Please note that DMVUSA.com is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored with state agencies or any motor vehicle departments in the United States of America.

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