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  • Logon to pay a parking ticket from Municipal Citation Solutions
  • Enter the citation number and your personal information to pay your VATS ticket
  • A ticket from Municipal Citation Solutions is real, and must be paid on time to avoid further fines

Receiving a parking ticket is certainly frustrating, but many people actually choose to make the situation worse by ignoring their citation. If you’ve received a ticket from Municipal Citation Solutions, logon to pay it through their Violation and Ticketing System. When you process your ticket payment, it will be applied to your account within 24 hours.

Payments made by 5 p.m. to MCS will be applied that day, so make sure you’re getting your payment in on time if you’re at the due date. The Municipal Citation Solutions is a secure site, so you can feel safe entering your payment information. It’s just like paying for any other transaction online.

People often wonder if a ticket from Municipal Citation Solutions is legitimate and real, but be assured that it is. If you do not pay for a parking ticket with Municipal Citation Solutions, it’s just like not paying a parking ticket to the county or city.

Municipal Citation Solutions has over 100 years of parking enforcement experience, and dozens of cities and municipalities around the country trust their services. Municipal Citation Solutions understands that the parking industry is constantly evolving, and they’re doing their best to change along with it. MCS has some of the most technologically advanced parking amenities on the market!

In addition to handling local city parking, MCS also handles parking for events, college campuses, and more. If you want to dispute a ticket from Municipal Citation Solutions, logon to their website where you can find the form to do that.

To contact Municipal Citation Solutions about a ticket you’ve received:

  • 633 Chestnut Street, Suite 1400  Chattanooga, TN 37450
  • support@municipalcitationsolutions.com
  • 888-866-6466


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