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Rapid Rebate Scent Splash

  • Logon to start your ScentSplash rebate application process
  • Your ScentSplash rebate is good for up to $5 per purchase
  • Include your original store receipt with ScentSplash purchase circled

If you’ve purchased a Purex Crystals ScentSplash product that has a rebate attached, logon to start your rebate application process! Once you logon, you’ll be able to access the rebate form as a .pdf file. Print this form out, fill it out, and your ScentSplash rebate will be good to go!

Your ScentSplash rebate is good for up to $5 per purchase. When you send in your rebate form, make sure you have the original cashier receipt enclosed. On that receipt, circle or highlight the ScentSplash item to make sure your rebate gets processed properly. Your ScentSplash purchase must have been made from 5/5/15 to 12/31/15 to be eligible for this rebate.

You’ll be asked if this is your first purchase of Purex ScentSplash, if you have purchased any similar items, and what actually interested you in buying ScentSplash. On the bottom of this rebate form, you’ll just need to enter your 12 digit ScentSplash UPC code for the rebate to be complete and valid.

Your request for a ScentSplash rebate must be  postmarked  by January 31, 2016. Once your form is submitted, allow for six to eight weeks for your rebate to be processed and mailed back to you. There is a limit of one offer per household, and one ScentSplash rebate per person and per household. So while you can’t send in more than one rebate, it’s definitely worth checking out ScentSplash so you can get the one free rebate!

Once you’ve sent in your valid rebate claim, you can check the status of your ScentSplash rebate by  visiting the website www.rapid-rebates.com or by calling toll free at 1-800-619-4703.

To contact someone about your Purex ScentSplash rebate:

  •  1-800-619-4703


  1. www.rapid-rebates.com/scentsplash