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American Airlines Check In

  • The American Airlines check in site is set up for travelers who are flying on American Airlines to check in to their flight conveniently from home
  • Online American Airlines check in starts 24 hours before a flight takes off and ends 45 minutes before a flight departs (or 90 minutes before an international flight departs)
  • The heck in process is pretty straight forward and can be completed in less than 2 minutes in many cases

Once a customer checks in to their American Airlines flight online, they will receive their boarding pass. At that point, they need to go straight to security once they arrive at their airport (there’s no need to check in again at the actual airport). When customers do have their American Airlines boarding pass they received from online check in, they just scan the bar code printed on their boarding pass any any security checkpoint and at the actual gate where their flight leaves. please note in order to check in to an American flight online, customers just need to enter their first and last name as its printed on their ticket, along with their record locator number (or their confirmation number).

How to get a mobile boarding pass from American Airlines

Travelers who want to get their boarding pass on their cell phone can click the “Email with Mobile Option” link through the online check in portal, or find their boarding pass through the American Airlines app. When showing the American Airlines bar code at the airport, the whole bar code needs to be visible. A mobile boarding pass can be used at almost any airport (although it is recommended to check to be sure). This information is listed under “airport details” on the American Airlines web site.

To contact a representative of American Airlines about flight check in

  • 800-433-7300

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