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HGV Club Program

  • The Hilton Garden Vacation Club program is set up for people who are enrolled in the program to either make a new booking, find their points value, and learn about all the different perks that come with being signed up for the program
  • There are currently right at 250,000 Hilton Garden Vacation Club members signed up for the vacation sharing program
  • Different Hilton Vacation properties have different point values assigned to them, and the values also change depending on the time of year and what level of accommodation is chosen

Through the Hilton Garden Vacation Club online service, users can see all available properties they can book a rental at, almost 60 different properties around the world. Customers can see the different amenities that each property has, find what dates are open to new bookings, and even see what resorts are near airports. One of the best features of the Hilton Garden Club online though, is seeing the different point values of each property, letting guests see where their points will go the longest. Points will be added for new stays within 24 hours of check out at a new property. Any member who is a part of the Hilton Vacation Garden Club will have an online account they have access to.

What happens if someone wants to sell their Hilton Vacation Club rental?

To make sure that guests get the most from their agreement, if they choose to sell their account, they must first submit it to Hilton. Hilton always has the right of first refusal, meaning they can pay at least the amount the contract was originally contracted for. If Hilton declines the opportunity, the owner can then sell it to another party.

To contact Hilton Garden Vacation Club:

  • Write to Club Member Services, 6355 MetroWest Boulevard, Suite 180, Orlando, FL 32835

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