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AA Baggage

  • The AA Baggage web site gives travelers all the information they need to know about taking bags on American Airlines
  • AA Baggage gives updates on the rules for American Airlines carry on bags and checked bags, plus restricted items that can’t be brought through a TSA checkpoint
  • Customers who can’t find their American Airlines bags will need to check with a representative at their destination airport (they will be given a 13 digit code to track their lost American Airline baggage claim)

AA Baggage gives travelers the details on how to travel on American Airlines with items like golf clubs or musical instruments, plus on traveling with pets and children. On either domestic or international flights, American Airlines customers are limited to 10 checked bags, with the first few bags free for AAdvantage members. American Airline carry on bags are limited to one bag and one personal item (being a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag). AA carry ons must be 14 x 9 inches in size. When traveling with a pet in cabin on American Airlines, their kennel counts as a carry on.

More About American Airlines Baggage Delivery

One of the most popular things that American Airlines offers in regards to luggage is their luggage delivery service, where travelers can completely bypass American Airlines baggage claim to have their bags dropped off at their destination. American Airlines baggage delivery is available within 100 miles of the destination airport, and travelers do not need to be present to sign for the bags.

  • One bag is just $29.99, and two bags are just $39.99, while 3 to 10 bags are $49.99 (within 40 miles of the airport, plus $1 for every mile beyond).
  • Travelers just need to sign up for American Airlines baggage delivery at least two hours before their flight departs
  • Bags delivered with American Airlines baggage delivery arrive within 4 to 6 hours of landing

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