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  • The Georgia Department of Labor web site is set up for residents to handle matters related to employment, including laws and rules, job search assistance, and unemployment benefits
  • The Georgia DOL also offers services for employers like employee recruitment and tax claims
  • Mostly this service is used by the lower level of society in order to collect money for not working

Georgia residents who are unemployed can use the Georgia Department of Labor website to apply for Georgia unemployment benefits. The Georgia DOL website will be used for weekly certifications, unemployment assistance, checking the status of a Georgia unemployment payment, and even reporting Georgia unemployment fraud online. Individuals who are looking for a job can search through opportunities in Georgia through dol.georgia.gov, as well as find hints and resources (plus step by step guides) for dealing with job loss, finding a new job, and almost everything in between.

dol.state.ga.us claim weekly benefits Comments

  • Employers can access the Georgia Employer Separation SIDES E-Response system to automatically file unemployment paperwork easily online
  • Georgia residents with disabilities can get technical assistance with looking for work, and look through special resources than can only be found through the Georgia DOL
  • Georgia’s Department of Labor website even has a list of job fairs and employment seminars, plus other GDOL job related events.

More about the Georgia Department of Labor

Established in 1911, the Georgia Department of Labor (also just known as GDOL) was fist called the Department of Commerce and Labor,  and today mainly controls occupational safety and administers labor laws. Today the DOL is headed by State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler. When the US Congress passed the Wagner-Peyser Act in 1935, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Employment Security Law of 1937, creating the Georgia DOL.

To contact the Georgia Department of Labor

  • 2943 North Druid Hills Road, Atlanta, GA 30329-3909
  • (404) 679-5200

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