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PA Turn Pike EZPass

  • Drivers who have an EZ Pass to pay their Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls can logon to manage their account
  • Payments towards an EZ Pass account can be made via a direct debit from a checking or savings account each month, via credit or debit card through the EZ pass website, or through a check sent to the PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center
  • The EZ Pass can be used on all Pennsylvania Turnpike roadways that require a toll, including Interstates 76, 70 and 276, and the Delaware River Bridge to Gateway

The EZ Pass is a radio frequency device that can be used to pay road tolls in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and several other states. Drivers mount the EZ Pass on their vehicle, then drive through designated EZ Pass lanes at toll locations. Drivers using EZ Pass for payment will not need to stop, making it a much more convenient method of paying a toll than cash or other methods.

  • When drivers visit the Pennsylvania Turnpike web site, they can update their EZ Pass contact, change what vehicle the EZ pass is attached to, enter new billing information for the account, view violation information, find recent PA Turnpike transactions and statements, make a payment towards a Virginia EZ Pass, report a lost Virginia EZ Pass transponder, and more

A printed monthly statement showing every EZ Pass charge is available to customers who choose, for a small fee of $4 a month for every three transponders connected to an account. A receipt will not be issued at the EZ Pass booth, as drivers do not stop. If a drivers attempts to use an EZ Pass lane while there is not sufficient funding on the account, they will be considered a violator and will receive a citation.

To contact EZ Pass Customer Service

  • 877-736-6727
  • E-ZPass Customer Service Center, 7631 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111

To contact Pennsylvania Turnpike Customer Assistance Center

  • 800-331-3414


  1. www.paturnpike.com/ezpass