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Paperless Employee KForce

  • Employees of the KForce Professional Staffing corporation can use the Paperless Employee KForce web site to manage all of their usual HR activity, including seeing old pay stubs, finding tax forms and more
  • Only current employees of KForce are allowed to have access to the paperless employee system (employees who are within two weeks of their last employment date can access the system though to get a few last documents they need)
  • Employees who work for KForce and don’t yet have an online account will need to create a new one using their KForce employee number that’s printed on their pay stubs

The KForce Paperless Employee site is a self service system, which means that employees can track down pay statements and old tax documents completely on their own, without having to call a representative on the phone or chatting with a KForce agent online. To use the Paperless Employee KForce web site, workers will need to have an online username and password set up. If a KForce worker forgets their Paperless Employee identification, they can reset it online as long as they know their Social Security number that they used to set up their account in the first place.

More Important Things to Know About KForce

KForce is a HR related company that provides flexible and direct hire staffing employees and helps hire more than 23,000 skilled professionals annually to over 4,000 clients in technology staffing and finance and accounting staffing. The Tampa Bay Times has often voted KForce one of the top companies to work for.

  • KForce has 60 offices across the United States and works with 70% of Fortune 100 companies
  • In 1962, KForce was born as Source Services Corporation, mostly providing services to companies that needed temporary workers for a short time period

To contact KForce with an HR related question:

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