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My UHC Community Plan

  • The United Health Care Community Plan lets customers who are looking for health insurance that’s low cost or no cost find the best options in their area
  • Medicare Advantage plans from UHC are for people who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare Parts A and B
  • To get started using the United Health Care Community Plan search, potential customers just need to enter their ZIP code, and UHC will display all available insurance options in their area.

Medicare plans through United Health Care Community Plan actually give customers more benefits and better features than the original Medicare, and customers still get all of their Medicaid benefits. UHC Medicare residents in Maryland will use the group number of MDCAID which Wisconsin members looking for information about UHC Medicare will use the group number WIFHMD. Customers looking for Medicare in a state that is not served by UHC can contact their Department of Heath and Human Services for more info.

United Health Care’s Community Plan  Health includes a products catalog that covers up $700 in credits for customers to purchase healthcare things they need like hearing coverage (an annual exam and $0 copay every year for hearing devices), transportation assistance (Up to 28 rides one way to and from a doctor’s office are covered every year). This UHC Community plan gives members a choice of doctors and hospitals around their area, plus coverage for a very long list of prescription drugs, all with a $0 monthly plan premium.

More about United Health Care’s Medicare Community Plans

Some United Healthcare members do not have a UHC member ID card (or in certain states, this information is not legally allowed to be printed on insurance cards). These customers do need to have their United Health Care group number.

To contact United Health Care about a Community Plan

  • 1-877-542-9239
  • 5901 Lincoln Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55436

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