www.changemycoverage.com – Change My Plan With My Anthem Choices

Change My Coverage

  • Customers can use Change My Coverage to check prices for the health insurance that best fits their needs and compare to other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield tax credit subsidy estimator gives customers a good idea of a monthly cost for BCBS insurance depending on what level of coverage they  choose
  • Customers can make a profile on Change My Coverage  and be able save work and finish at a later time

The Change My Coverage web site is designed for people who need new health insurance to check the plans that are available to them through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and to see if their doctor accepts BCBS. If a customer’s choice of doctor does not take Blue Cross insurance, there is a BCBS doctor finder that lets them find the closest physician to where they are. The rates plans on BCBS Change My Coverage do depend on the applicant’s health condition, so if BCBS does not have recent health information on file from a customer, a checkup may be required before the latest rates will be shown. Customers will need to login to their Anthem account or use their Anthem account number to get started using Change My Coverage.

More About Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a group of almost 40 separate United States health insurance organizations and companies that provides health insurance to more than 106 million Americans. Blue Cross was founded in 1929. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers offer some form of health insurance coverage in every single U.S. state and they act as administrators of Medicare in the majority of states and regions within the United States.

  • The BCBS association has its headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, in the Michigan Plaza complex
  • To contact BCBS about changing health insurance coverage 1-855-662-4077

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www.myuhc.com/communityplan – Access United Health Care Community Plan

My UHC Community Plan

  • The United Health Care Community Plan lets customers who are looking for health insurance that’s low cost or no cost find the best options in their area
  • Medicare Advantage plans from UHC are for people who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare Parts A and B
  • To get started using the United Health Care Community Plan search, potential customers just need to enter their ZIP code, and UHC will display all available insurance options in their area.

Medicare plans through United Health Care Community Plan actually give customers more benefits and better features than the original Medicare, and customers still get all of their Medicaid benefits. UHC Medicare residents in Maryland will use the group number of MDCAID which Wisconsin members looking for information about UHC Medicare will use the group number WIFHMD. Customers looking for Medicare in a state that is not served by UHC can contact their Department of Heath and Human Services for more info.

United Health Care’s Community Plan  Health includes a products catalog that covers up $700 in credits for customers to purchase healthcare things they need like hearing coverage (an annual exam and $0 copay every year for hearing devices), transportation assistance (Up to 28 rides one way to and from a doctor’s office are covered every year). This UHC Community plan gives members a choice of doctors and hospitals around their area, plus coverage for a very long list of prescription drugs, all with a $0 monthly plan premium.

More about United Health Care’s Medicare Community Plans

Some United Healthcare members do not have a UHC member ID card (or in certain states, this information is not legally allowed to be printed on insurance cards). These customers do need to have their United Health Care group number.

To contact United Health Care about a Community Plan

  • 1-877-542-9239
  • 5901 Lincoln Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55436

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www.mydiversicare.com/pay – Access Diversicare Healthcare Services

My Diversicare Pay

  • Patients can log on to make a payment towards a Diversicare account with a credit or debit card online
  • Payments made to Diversicare online will be applied to the patient’s account by the end of the business day
  • Diversicare accepts Medicare and Medicaid, along with most health insurances, plus works with the VA to help patients get financial help as much as possible

Diversicare is one of the world’s biggest providers of post acute care, or care that include long-term care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and home health agencies. Patients who are under the care of a Diversicare facility can log on to make a payment towards their account. To get started making a Diversicare payment, patients will need to log in with their Diversicare username and password. Diversicare patients who haven’t set up their online account yet will need to have the access code they received when they first signed up for Diversicare services.

My Diversicare Pay Comments

  • Much of Diversicare services are covered by health insurance, but for the remaining balance, patients will need to make a payment on the Diversicare web site
  • The service is free to use and customers will never be charged a hidden fee
  • Customers information will never be sold or marketed to a third-party by Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc
  • Diversicare has their current headquarters at: Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc., 1621 Galleria Boulevard, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

What is Diversicare Lighthouse Care?

Diversicare understands that sometimes patients need around the clock attention that’s more than families can handle, so they introduced “The Lighthouse,” a 24 hour live in care facility that gives not just medical care and attention but stimulating activities and social events. The Lighthouse has medical staff on hand 24 hours a day, plus social workers and mental health workers available at all times.

To contact Diversicare

  • 615-771-7575

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www.yourgoldenbenefits.com – My Golden Benefits Account

Your Golden Benefits

  • Golden Living offers customers a variety of overall benefit plans and insurance programs for different lifestyles and budgets that provide added protection for healthcare
  • Your Golden Benefits is an online source for all things retirement and seniors, including wellness, health, life and disability and more
  • Plans available from Golden Living include accident, life, critical illness, disability, hospital indemnity, and legal advice
  • For customers retirement planning, Golden Benefits offers a 401(k) plan

The Golden Perks shopping program gives employees exclusive access to two different online shopping discount programs (one with no eligibility requirements to meet). The Golden Perks online shopping portal is limited to members only and gives discounts at more than 100,00 name brands. Golden Living also offers special discounts and deals like the chance to save up to 22% off Verizon Wireless charges.

Your Golden Benefits Comments

The Purchasing Power program gives members access to savings on things like electronics and appliances, theme park tickets, and everything in between, with payments made by payroll deduction. The Purchasing Power program is only open to full time employees who have at least 18 months of service and who have an annual income of $16,000.

How to Verify Dependents With Golden Living

Before customers can enroll a family dependent in their coverage (including dental, group accident, medical, hospital indemnity, vision, or critical illness) they must complete and submit a “Dependent Relationship Verification Form” (can be found under the “Quick Links and Forms” tab) with the documentation listed on the form.

A Social Security Number is required for Golden Benefit dependent verification (per federal mandatory insurer reporting law) for Medicare to coordinate their payments with other insurance programs. Once a dependent verification is on file with Golden Benefits, it will not have to be verified again.

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www.fireyourmdnow.com – Dr. Peter Glidden Fire Your MD

Fire Your MD Now

  • The Fire Your MD Now web site is part of a self help health recovery system from Doctor Peter Glidden
  • A $20 monthly fee, or a one time $5 one day trial fee gets customers unlimited access to all of Dr. Glidden’s podcasts, web chat sessions, research articles, and more
  • Through Dr. Glidden’s site, patients can get real science based, clinically verified health and medical alternatives to drugs and surgery

People who have chronic aches, pains, and illnesses that medicines just don’t seem to work on or people who are looking for natural surgery alternatives can find the help they need in Dr. Peter Glidden and his Fire Your MD Now web site. As part of the Fire Your MD system, Dr. Peter Glidden gives live, real time video health webinars and live video Q & A sessions every week that help patients understand how their body works and what it needs to heal.

Dr. Glidden’s holistic medicine is a science and a system of treating disease and illnesses that uses absolutely no surgery or synthetic drugs, but instead uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massages, and other things to naturally speed up the healing process.

More about Doctor Peter Glidden

Doctor Peter Glidden has more than 25 years working in holistic medicine, and is a licensed Naturopathic doctor. He has started a grassroots coalition of informed people were he shares holistic medicine with everyone smart enough to listen. Dr. Glidden has written a book titled “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes.” He is educated by Williams College in Williamstown, MA, got his BS Pre Med at University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, and has been licensed to practice Naturopathy since 1992.

  • Since 1987, Dr. Glidden has been a member of American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

To contact Dr. Peter Glidden and Fire Your MD Now

  • 2nd Opinion Health Solutions (Glidden Healthcare), 190 Cobblestone Lane , Burnsville, MN, 55337
  • (855) 347-3696

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