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 Wozo Class Action

  • If you ordered a poster from the website Wozo between September and November 2010, you may have free money coming to you
  • The class action lawsuit will give you the chance to recover membership fees you paid for the Wozo poster club
  • Your claim must be submitted in the  Johnson Vs. Wozo Class Lawsuit Settlement by July 22, 2015

If you ordered a poster online from the website Wozo.com, and were enrolled in the Wozo Poster Club and charged a membership fee, you may just have free money coming your way. You must have placed an order between Sept. 1, 2010 and Nov. 1, 2010. Wozo was known for selling great quality posters at rock bottom prices, but those prices may have come with a catch. If you purchased a poster from Wozo, you may have been charged membership fees in a club you never intended to join.

The class action suit alleges that Wozo enrolled customers in the poster club, and charged them membership fees without their approval or contest. Wozo denies that they did anything illegal, but they have agreed to settle this case out of court to avoid having to pay for court costs. How much money exactly will be paid depends on how much you paid in membership fees to Wozo, and it depends on how many people file eligible claims.

If you do participate in the Johnson Vs. Wozo Class Lawsuit Settlement, remember that you’re giving up your right to sue as an individual on this matter. Once you have submitted an eligible claim, that’s the only legal action you can take. To have an eligible claim in the  Johnson Vs. Wozo Class Lawsuit Settlement, you must send it in by July 22 of 2015.

To contact someone regarding the  Johnson Vs. Wozo Class Lawsuit Settlement:

  • Thomas G. Shapiro, SHAPIRO HABER & URMY LLP, Seaport East, 2 Seaport Lane, Boston, Massachusetts 02210


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