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Nexium Case Antitrust Settlement

  •  A current, pending lawsuit claims that four Nexium drug manufacturers violated U.S. Antitrust laws by intentionally delaying the availability of generic Nexium drugs
  • Several parties are named as defendants in the suit, including the pharmaceutical manufacturers AstraZeneca, Teva, Dr. Reddy’s, and Ranbaxy
  • Teva and Dr. Reddy’s have already reached settlements with the court. Neither Ranbaxy or AstraZeneca plan to settle at this time.

According to the lawsuit, the four drug manufacturers deliberately disturbed generic competition for their drug, Nexium. This caused customers in several states to overpay for Nexium.

Important Information

  •  Only two of the defendants have settled. The other two, AstraZeneca and Ranbaxy, are still in the litigation process.
  • The court hasn’t decided what, if any, compensation will be awarded to class members.
  • At this time, the Claims Administrator hasn’t provided any claim forms.
  • The lawsuit specifically concerns violation of Antitrust Legislation, and has no bearing on the efficacy or safety of Nexium.

While class members don’t yet have the option to file for a claim, it’s important to remember that customers who receive a settlement payment forfeit the right to bring their own suits against any of the defendants.

Claims Administration Information

  • Class members who wish to object to the settlement must file with the Court by 10 August 2015
  • The final hearing, which will determine whether or not the settlement takes affect, will occur on 29 September 2015
  • There is currently no information on when class members can expect to file a claim or receive compensation.

The lawsuit is still pending. Teva and Dr. Reddy settled in December 2014. The courts initially ruled in favor of Ranbaxy and AstraZeneca, but the original plaintiffs have already filed for a new trial. As the suit proceeds, more information will be made available.