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Taurus Carter Settlement

  • People who purchased a Taurus firearm may be eligible to receive a free $250 check
  • The class action lawsuit claims that Taurus guns had a defect that allowed the gun to fire while the safety is on
  • The deadline to submit a claim in the class action suit against Taurus is December 15, 2015

If you purchased certain Taurus firearms, you may be eligible to receive a free check thanks to a class action lawsuit that’s been filed. The lawsuit alleges that on certain models of Taurus firearms, due to a manufacturer’s defect, the gun could actually fire when the safety is engaged. Obviously, this poses a very serious safety risk to anyone that own a Taurus gun.

Only certain models are a part of this suit. They are the Millennium models, specifically the T-111, the PT-132, the PT-138, the PT-140, the PT-145, the PT-745 Millennium, the PT-640, and the PT-24/7. If you owned one of those models on July 30, 2015, you’re eligible! The only exception is if you owned an eligible Taurus firearm in a state, local, or federal capacity.

Depending on how many eligible claims are received, Taurus could be sending you as much as $200! To be eligible to receive this payment though, you must be willing to send your firearm back to Taurus.

The Pennsylvania court will hold a heading on this case on January 20, 2016. Your claim must be sent in to the lawyers by December 15, 2015. When you join this class action lawsuit against Taurus, you are waiving your rights to sue on your own. If you want to be excluded from this suit, just send a notice to the Heffler Claims Group.

To contact the administrator of the Taurus Class Action Claim:

  • Taurus Class Action, c/o Heffler Claims Group, PO Box 230 Philadelphia, PA 19107-0230
  • 1-844-528-0180