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Wells Fargo Visa Gift Card

  • The Wells Fargo Visa Gift Card has no monthly fees
  • More secure and more convenient than cash
  • More cost effective than credit cards

The Wells Fargo Visa Gift Card functions just like a normal debit card, but it has the security of not being tied to a bank account. It’s reloadable and accepted anywhere that accepts Visa. It’s the perfect option for birthdays, holidays, business gifts, or a teen’s first card. These cards are great for businesses, and can be purchased in amounts as little as 10 and as greater as in excess of 5,000. Once you order your cards, they will be processed and shipped within a week.

There are shipping and processing fees to purchase a Wells Fargo gift card:

  • 1 to 9 cards: $2.50 per card and $25 shipping
  • 10 to 74 cards: $2.50 per card purchase and $1 per card shipping
  • 75 to 150 cards: $2.50 per card purchase fee and 50 cents per card shipping
  • 151 to 499 cards: $2.50 per card purchase fee and 25 cents per card shipping
  • 500 or more cards: $2.50 per card purchase fee and 10 cents per card shipping

You must be a Wells Fargo customer with a checking or savings account to place a large bulk order of gift cards. Credit cards cannot be used to purchase these gift cards, but you can use a direct debit from your checking or savings account, business or personal.

  • Businesses can save when they order these in bulk to give as rewards, incentives, and promotions
  • Gift cards can be purchased at any local Wells Fargo branch or purchased online
  • You can redeem Wells Fargo rewards points for gift cards
  • Individual gift cards cannot be purchased in the state of Vermont
  • Cards can be purchased in any whole dollar amount from $25 to  $500. Wells Fargo CEO customers can order cards in value of up to $1000

Contacting Wells Fargo

For questions about the Wells Fargo Visa Gift Card, contact them at:

  • Any local Wells Fargo branch
  • 1-877-855-8719