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Weight Watchers Lifetime Tools

  • Weight Watchers members who set and reach a goal weight that’s within the definition of Weight Watchers “healthy” range, and who remain an active member  for at least the next six weeks while maintaining that weight will be eligible to become a Lifetime Member
  • To sign up for the Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership program, customers will need to choose whether or not they already have a Weight Watchers account online
  • Customers who do have a Weight Watchers account will simply need to log in and enter their access code for monthly benefits, while customers who do not have account will need to create one

Once the goal weight has been reached and maintained, Weight Watchers Lifetime Tools customers will need to speak with their leader to get an access code for the free e-tools. It is possible to sign up for the Lifetime Membership without an access code, but a monthly charge of $14.95 will be assessed. A new access code for the Weight Watchers free e-tools will be needed each month.

What is Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership?

Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership gives customers access to free online eTools as well as unlimited access to meetings. Lifetime members who do not stay within two pounds of their goal weight or who have not attended a meeting within a calendar month are not eligible to receive the free Weight Watchers e-tools for that month Lifetime Membership is never lost, but free access to tools is on a month by month basis.

More About Weight Watchers

  • Founded in 1963 and now operates in 30 countries around the world
  • Uses a scientific approach towards losing weight, mostly by helping customers learn better eating habits, getting more exercise and through in-person support
  • Has their headquarters at 675 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor New York, NY 10010

To contact Weight Watchers about the Lifetime Membership Program?

Any questions about the Weight Watchers Lifetime Tools offer can be directed to an award winning customer service agent at 800-651-6000.

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