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Nutrisystem Goodbye

  • Logon to cancel your Nutrisystem shipments and stop receiving your monthly shipments of food
  • Nutrisystem shipments arrive once every 28 days, so you may still receive one more shipment after you cancel
  • Make sure you have your name and Nutrisystem membership number when you call to cancel your service

Nutrisystem offers subscription based meal plans to help their users with portion control, choosing healthier alternatives, and eating frequent meals to boost metabolism. Unfortunately, Nutrisystem isn’t a system that works for everyone. The company promises that you will lose weight, but Nutrisystem can be expensive. If you decide that Nutrisystem isn’t for you, you do need to follow specific steps to cancel your account. Otherwise, you’ll keep receiving your shipments.

If you’re looking to cancel Nutrisystem, you need to be sure to do it the right way, or you’ll still be receiving shipments to your home. Nutrisystem ships out once a month in 28 days batches, so even after you cancel, you still may receive one more shipment.

When you call Nutrisystem to cancel, you will need to have your Nutrisystem membership number to give to the representative on the phone. You can not cancel Nutrisystem on their website or via e-mail. Any cancellation must be handled over the phone. Once your cancellation has been processed, make sure you write down your cancellation number. If you have any post cancellation problems, you’ll have to use this number to prove that you did indeed cancel your account.

Should you receive any Nutrisystem shipments after you cancel, write that cancellation number on the slip that was included with your food shipment, and mail it back to Nutrisystem returns. Your shipment will be refunded, and your account will be considered finally canceled.

To speak with someone at Nutrisystem about canceling your account:

  • Call a customer retention representative at 888-849-4686


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