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  • Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance customers can logon to make a payment towards their mortgage account
  • Online payments made through the Vanderbilt system will be processed and credited to the mortgage account within 24 hours
  • Customers will need to establish a Vanderbilt account to make an online mortgage payment

When customers create a free account with Vanderbilt, they will have 24 hour access to the online system, which allows them to make free payments towards their loan, manage their bank information and select which account a payment comes from, and review history of all mortgage payments made.

VMF Online

  • Online Vanderbilt Mortgage payments can be post dated up to two weeks, but can not be scheduled past the due date
  • If a loan is due for more than two payments, that payment cannot be made online, and if a Vanderbilt loan is due for more than one payment, any amount that is less than a full payment cannot be made
  • Vanderbilt customers also cannot use the online payment system for 90 days if they have a returned or failed payment

To make an online payment towards a Vanderbilt mortgage for the first time, the customer will need to have their checkbook, their loan account number and their Social Security number to register. If the person making the payment is not the primary Vanderbilt account holder, they will need to have all of that same information, plus the ZIP code of the primary account borrower. For any subsequent payment to a Vanderbilt mortgage, customers will just need to log in and enter the amount to be paid.

More about Vanderbilt Mortgage

Vanderbilt Mortgage Loan is a part of Clayton Homes, and primarily specializes in issuing mortgages for the purchase of manufactured homes. Clayton Homes was founded in 1956, and is the United States’ largest producer of manufactured homes. Vanderbilt Mortgage has their headquarters in Maryvile, Tennessee, at 500 Alcoa Trail.

To contact Vanderbilt Mortgage:

  • (865) 380-3000


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