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Tracfone Exchange

  • Tracfone partner companies are no longer supporting older 2G network coverage, so customers with 2G Tracfone devices will need to migrate their phone to a compatible one
  • Customers who have a 2G compatible phone from Tracfone will need to upgrade their phones as quickly as they can, because their old devices will soon stop working entirely.
  • To start the Tracfone migration process, customers will need to enter their phone number along with the last four digits of the account holder’s Social Security number

Tracfone Exchange cell phone technology is changing constantly, and Tracfone partners like SafeLink, Net 1o, and Straight Talk are phasing out their 2G cell network coverage, and are no longer producing compatible phones. Certain areas are making this transition earlier than others, so customers who travel will likely be affected by this change first.  Tracfone customers will need to upgrade to a device that’s on a 3G or 4G network to continue using their phone. Customers can find out if they’re eligible for the 2G Tracfone migration upgrade by filling out the eligibility form on Tracfone’s web site.

  • As a part of this eligibility form, Tracfone customers will need to enter the last four numbers in their phone’s serial number
  • This can be found by either taking the battery cover off the back of your device, and looking for a number that says “IMEI” in the battery compartment, or by opening the phone’s prepaid menu and going to “Serial Number”

Founded in 1996, Tracfone Wireless is one of the largest prepaid mobile carriers in America. Tracfone doesn’t have their own mobile networks, but contracts with other carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobil to use theirs. Today, Tracfone has their headquarters at 9700 NW 112th Ave, Miami, FL 33178.

To speak with a Tracfone representative about the 2G cell phone migration:

  • 1-866-667-6437

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