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Samsung Register

  • Samsung Account is your access portal to all things Samsung
  • It can be accessed on tablets, smart phones, smart televisions, laptops, and online
  • Get access to all Samsung services including “Find My Phone,” “Milk Music,” and more

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to get cluttered with dozens of different accounts on all of your devices. When you have a smart phone, a smart TV, a tablet, a laptop, and a traditional desktop computer, it can be tough to remember all of your account logins. That’s where your Samsung Account comes in to play. You can have access to all of your Samsung applications and services conveniently in one place without bouncing from one device to another.

There are a few requirement to use Samsung Account. You must be Internet connected using a wired or wireless network, or must be using a 3G/4G network. You will need a Samsung device with a minimum of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread version) installed (or SmartHub for televisions). You can sign up if you are under the age of 18, but you must confirm that you have asked your parents for permission to sign up, and that they agree to all terms and conditions.

  • When you sign up, the very latest updates, tips, information, downloads, and enhancements for all of your registered products are sent straight to your e-mail inbox
  • You will need to register each device you want to use, but there is no need to sign up for an individual account for each device
  • Receive specifically tailored discounts, special offers, and news
  • Enter for the chance to win Samsung gifts every time you register a new device
  • Enjoy services like Samsung WatchON and Samsung ChatON in one location

To contact Samsung regarding your account, use one of these methods: