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Rural King Rebates

  • Submit a rebate for a product purchased at Rural King
  • Check the status of a Rural King rebate by entering the receipt number and the customer’s last name
  • Rural King rebates do not last indefinitely, and there is no guarantee that a late rebate will be honored, so customers need to make sure rebates are submitted on time

Customers who have shopped at a Rural King store and purchased a product with a rebate can visit ruralkingrebates.com to start their rebate process. Rural King rebates can be applied to products purchased both in store and online. To check the status of a Rural King rebate, customers just need to enter the receipt number and the last name on the rebate.

Customers who want to receive their rebate faster can choose to have their Rural King rebate e-mailed directly instead of traditional mail.

To contact Rural King Rebates:

  • rebates@ruralking.com
  • 800-860-8115 EXT 514

If several different rebate items are purchased from Rural King, a separate rebate must be submitted for each item. Different items can not be submitted on the same rebate form. However, multiples of the same item can be submitted on the same Rural King rebate form, as long as it’s below the allowable number.

More about Rural King

Rural King is a farm supply store that was founded in 1960, and is based in Mattoon, Illinois. Rural King now has almost 80 stores across the midwest, plus an online store. Rural King specializes in products like power tools, lawn and garden supplies, work clothes, tractor parts, live chicks and rabbits, hunting equipment, camping supplies, and agricultural chemicals plus many other farm and home supplies. They have their corporate offices at 4216 Dewitt Ave, Mattoon, IL 61938.

Rural King stores are known for welcoming shoppers with free coffee and popcorn all day long at each one of their stores.


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