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 PH Dominica Survey

  • Take this survey and you can share your opinion of a recent visit to a Pizza Hut in the Dominican Republic
  • Pizza Hut currently has over 11,000 locations across the globe
  • Take this survey, and you’ll receive a coupon good for your next visit to a Pizza Hut location

If you’ve dined at a Pizza Hut in the Dominican Republic recently, here’s your chance to share your experience. You’ll have the chance to share how you feel about the service you received, the quality of your pizza, whether or not your order was right, and even the cleanliness of the store itself.

Customer feedback is one of the best ways for a business to improve, so don’t feel like you have to hide anything. Share your true opinion! When you honestly answer this survey, you’re helping to make Pizza Hut better for every customer that walks through the door in the future.

Even better is that there’s something in this for you! When you finish the survey, you’ll get a coupon code that’s good for your next visit. Just be sure to write this code on your receipt and bring it with you the next time you stop by a Pizza Hut.

To start taking this survey, make sure you have your receipt. There’s information on it that you’ll need. To begin, enter your store number, date of your visit, the time of day, and your specific check number. Once that’s done, click the “Start” button and you’re all set!

  • This survey is available to take in Spanish
  • Your personal details will not be shared with anyone, and you will not be contacted about your answers. In fact, your name will not even be attached to the survey responses you give

To contact Pizza Hut:

  • Call 1 (800) 948-8488