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Talk To Wok Box Customer Feedback

  • Take the Wok Box customer feedback survey to share your dining experience
  • Wok Box presently has 60 stores across the United States and Canada
  • Their mission is to give the highest quality Asian food backed by great service and easy accessibility

Wok Box was founded in 2004, and in a little over 10 years, grew from one location in Edmonton, Alberta,  to locations across Canada and the United States. Their growth has been incredible, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. They’re planning to expand even further across the continent, and they have the management, food, and service to do it!

Their mission is to create the very freshest tasting Asia food with high quality and nutritious ingredients. They want their food to be easily accessible, convenient, and affordable. But beyond all that, they want to genuinely treat every customer with respect. Wok Box knows that their customers are what makes the business, so they’re always willing to listen.

To give their customers a platform to share their experience, Wok Box initiated an online customer feedback survey. By taking this survey, you’re becoming the eyes an ears for corporate managers that can’t see everything. When you take the time to share how your meal with Wok Box went, you’re helping to make this restaurant better for every customer that walks through the door.

To start this survey, you will need to make sure you have your receipt. From that receipt, you will enter the store number, the date and time of your visit, along with your check or order number. Answer questions about your visit, rate a series of categories, and that’s it! Your answers will be not be seen by anyone else, but will be sent right to the corporate offices.

To contact Wok Box:

  • 1-855-571-4200
  • #102 – 19074 22nd Ave., Surrey, BC V3Z 3S6, Canada