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Whataburger Feedback

  • Take this survey to share your dining experience with Whataburger
  • Whataburger currently has over 700 locations across the southern United States
  • If you have a survey code, it’s best to take the survey within 7 days of your visit

The Whataburger company is known for their burgers and shakes, but they’re also known for having friendly, fast customer service. They’ve been serving up their “bigger, better” burgers since 1950, and you immediately know you’re at a Whataburger when you see their iconic building design.

Whataburger is always trying to improve, so they’ve set up a customer service survey for people to share their experiences and voice their opinions. If you take this survey, it’s important to answer questions fully and honestly. Especially with restaurants, customer input is vital to a business’ success. Whataburger truly does prioritize their customers, so any feedback you give will be taken into account.

To start the survey, enter the code that’s printed on your receipt. This helps make sure that your feedback goes to the right location. You can take this survey even if you don’t have a receipt though by just entering the store number that you visited. You will be answering questions that ask you to rate the level of service you received and the quality of your food. Take the time to be thorough, because what you say is important!

This survey is available to take in Spanish or in English.

Any answers that you provide will be collected by a third party and sent to Whataburger. Your personal details are in no way connected to the answers that you submit. No one from Whataburger will contact you unless you ask for them to. So you can feel free to share your mind!

To contact Whataburger with a customer service issue:

  • 1077 Central Pkwy South, Suite 900, San Antonio, TX 78232
  • 210-496-4000