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Credit Card Online Services

  • Citizen Bank credit cards offer a great lineup of benefits for people that travel extensively, plus great benefits for people that shop online
  • Credit cards issued by Citizen Bank have free travel insurance and free delayed baggage insurance, as long as you paid for the travel with your Citizen card
  • Citizen credit cards are also backed by MasterCard SecureCode, making sure that every single time your card is used online, it’s really you doing the shopping

Most people have at least one credit card to use for emergencies, but more and more these days, people use credit cards because of the excellent benefits they offer. And there’s no card that offers more to customers than credit card from Citizens Bank. If you’ve been looking for an everyday card to use for the benefits, here it is!

Citizens Bank is out to make sure that every time you reach for a credit card, you’re using your Citizen Mastercard. If you’re a traveler, Citizen offers above and beyond travel benefits, like extra travel accident insurance and baggage delay insurance. That means that if you have an accident while you’re on the road, you’ve got insurance to provide for your medical care and your travel rebooking. And if you ever run into an issue where your bags are delayed on a flight, your Citizen Master Card has free insurance that will help you purchase the essentials while you wait.

Citizen credit cards are also backed by MasterCard SecureCode, a free service that offers an additional level of security when you shop online. When you shop with participating merchants using your Citizen card, a secure authentication process is run that asks an additional password. So even if someone has your credit card number, they can’t shop online with it.

To contact Citizens Bank about your credit card account:

  • 1-855-287-3910


  1. www.citizensbank.com/creditcard