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No More Fees With Kino Box

  • The Kino Box is a next generation entertainment system that’s capable of streaming from almost any service, to almost any device, including sports, movies, live shows, audio books, international programming, educational material, and more
  • Kino Box users also have the ability to load and iOS and Android game or app, including some of the most popular games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, plus over 500 live jukebox stations with music from around the world
  • One customers purchase the Kino box for the first time (about $350 usually), there are no more monthly or annual fees: ever

Millions of people have decided to “cut the cord” and cut out their cable TV subscriptions because they’ve found out that the same content is available for no monthly fee (via the No More Fees With Kino Box service). The Kino Box is one of the easiest ways to watch streaming movies and shows straight on a television with no cable package. Programming from all major networks like NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, plus premium content like NFL Network, Showtime, HBO, and pay-per-view events are available for free.

No More Fees With Kino Box Comments

  • It’s recommended to have Internet service of 10 mbps or faster to get the best quality from Kino
  • The Kino box even works when traveling. As long as it can be connected to the Internet (over Wi-Fi), content will be available
  • All Kino receivers come with a 14 day trial period, plus a one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Kino Box has their current headquarters at 9901 Valley Ranch Parkway E Suite 3015, Irving, TX 75063

Is Kino Box legal?

Streaming content with Kino is perfectly legal according to the device’s programmers; it becomes illegal to charge for or download copyrighted programs without consent.

  • Kino box does not download, upload, or store any media, so it’s always safe to use
  • Kino has no association with websites that may host copyrighted content

To contact Kino box:

  • E-mail CableAlternative2015@gmail.com
  • Please call 409-692-1979 for any questions in regards to No More Fees With Kino Box

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