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HBO GO Activate Apple TV

  • Activate a variety of devices online associated with a HBO GO account
  • Activating an Apple TV device is by far the most popular
  • When starting the activation process the customer will have to provide their current TV provider (in the unlikely event that the customers TV provider is not listed, access to HBO GO on Apple TV is not offered as part of the HBO subscription)

Consumers who do not have the HBO GO Activate Apple TV option should contact their TV provider and demand that they add HBO GO on Apple TV to their services.  Those who are not subscribers to HBO will first have to sign up before HBO GO is even an option.  Please note HBO GO is available for Apple TV 2nd or 3rd or 4th generations.

HBO Providers associated with HBO GO include:

  • U-Verse
  • DISH
  • Time Warner Cable
  • WOW (no this is not the video game World Of Warcraft)
  • Xfinty
  • COX
  • Verizon Fios
  • Bright Link
  • Google Fiber (this is only available in a limited amount of cities at the moment such as Kansas City)

As the list above shows the service is available to just about every TV provider under the sun.  When providing the HBO GO Apple TV activation code please note that the customer only has 15 minutes to enter the code or it will expire (if this happens simply click on the Get New Code option).  Once the activation process has been completed the customer should see a “Success” message on their TV or computer.

Any questions in regards to the HBO GO Activate Apple TV process can be directed to a customer service agent at (877) 204-3930 (if the questions is for Apple TV) or (212) 512-1208 (for HBO related questions).

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