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No Hidden Fees

  •  The Merrick Bank Visa card is one of the best credit card options available for cardholders with less than optimal credit
  • Merrick Bank’s promotional credit card offer includes an amazing array of features, most notably a lack of extra fees typically associated with credit cards
  • The card is an especially fantastic offer for those with no credit, or customers who are trying to rebuild their credit

If you have poor credit or you’re still struggling to get your credit history off the ground, Merrick Bank has the perfect option for you! Customers enjoy a card with no penalty rates, no returned item fees, and no over limit fees.

Important Information

  •  Upon card activation, cardholders will have the annual fee immediately deducted from their balance.
  • Due to the variable interest rate, annual fee, and relatively low beginning balance, this isn’t the best card for those with excellent credit.
  • According to the terms of service, card holders don’t have to worry about over limit fees, cash advance fees, returned payment penalties, or foreign transaction charges – making it among the absolute best offerings for customers who don’t have great credit.

Remember that “no hidden fees” doesn’t mean “no fees at all.” Cardholders are still subject to annual fees and late payment charges. Given the high interest rate, customers should do their best to pay the balance off in full each month.

How to Apply

  •  If you received an invitation to apply, follow the instructions on your letter. Remember that an invitation doesn’t guarantee acceptance.
  • If you haven’t received an invitation, don’t worry! You can still apply online at www.merrickbank.com.
  • Card approval may take may take several weeks, and Merrick may request additional information, although this is fairly rare.
  • In addition to “no hidden fee” benefits, cardholders also receive free access to their credit report and credit score.

The Merrick Bank No Hidden Fee Visa card is an exciting, groundbreaking credit option for anyone hoping to build or rebuild their credit history.