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My Poke Card

  • Design a custom Pokemon card with My Pokecard – photo, evolution, stats, and more all up to your choice
  • Popular with parents who want to put their child on a Pokemon card
  • The My Poke Card service is available in a variety of languages

The My Pokecard service lets customers design and print their very own Pokemon card, complete with custom stats and photo that look just like a real Pokemon card. Customers will have the chance to choose their Pokemon creature’s name, their number of hit points, their custom attacks, weakness, resistance and retreat cost. Every single statistic that is on a normal Pokemon card can be customized here. People who use My Pokecard to design a card for a Pokemon evolved creature will also have the chance to add a picture of their evolution. Pokémon is considered a registered trademark of Nintendo, so any cards designed with this service are not considered authentic, and are just for fun, meaning they can’t be sold or given away in any official capacity. Plesse note any photo uploaded to My Pokecard must be in a .jpeg format, and must be cropped and resized to fit within the card window without the picture being distorted.

How to print or share a card designed on My Pokecard

Once a card is designed, people will have the chance to save it as a .jpeg, and then upload it to any printing service or print it out on regular paper and glue the design to a real Pokemon card. Designed Pokemon cards will also be available in the online gallery. By default, any cards made with My Pokecard are set to private, meaning nobody else can see them. But by choosing public, the cards will be shown in a public galley online for everyone to see (this section will only appear if the image stats on a card are changed from the default).

To contact the designer of My Pokecard

  • Email pokemaster@mypokecard.com

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