www.pokecrew.com – Locate Pokemon Go Creatures With The Crew

Poke Crew

  • One of the better Poke Maps around
  • Designed for high-end players who love Pokemon Go
  • Like all of the Pokemon Go trackers Poke Crew will require the gamer to disclose their location

Is Poke Crew worth a download?  Yes!  It is much better than most of the trackers out there and will help players find rare Pokemon like the Zubat, Goldeen, Weedle, Pidgey, and the allusive Squirtle.

What makes Poke Crew so much better than the other trackers like Pokemesh or Pokemon Radar? It isn’t that different.. in fact it’s about equal to both of those as far as finding Pokemon.

Will Niantic Labs eventually shut down Poke Crew like they did Pokevision?  MAYBE… it is become harder for Niantic (the big evil giant) to shut down these trackers because so many are popping up.

Are Poke Crew allowed to add Poke sightings? Yep! at anytime the game can help fellow players by adding a Pokemon location.

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