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DNA HR Block

  • Apply for internal H&R Block employment opportunities with H&R Block DNA
  • To use H&R Block DNA, employees will need to log in with their SSO ID and their password
  • The DNA H&R Block site is only open to H&R Block employees, and access by anyone that is not an employee is considered illegal, and may be punishable under local laws

The DNA HR Block service is designed for people who work for H&R Block to access an internal application system for new employment opportunities. Jobs listed on the H&R Block DNA service are considered open and able to be applied for. Once a H&R Block job has been filled, the position will be removed from the DNA system. If a H&R Block employee doesn’t know their SSO ID, they can retrieve it by entering their first and last name, the last 5 digits of their Social Security number, and their birth date. Once employees apply for a new job with H&R Block DNA, their application will be stored in the system for later review. Employees cam also check the status of a H&R Block job application by using the DNA system. A resume and a cover letter can be stored in H&R Block DNA for easy access, to make applying for new internal jobs with H&R Block as simple as possible.

What is the H&R Block DNA system?

By using the H&R Block DNA service, employees can search for new opportunities either by job title, by level of job (like entry level or manager), and even by location. Both H&R Block associates and H&R Block franchise employees are able to use this system. Employees who only work for H&R Block seasonally are also able to use H&R Block DNA.

To contact H&R Block about the DNA employee system

  • Call 800-472-5625

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