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Go Health RX

  • Go Health is a prescription cost comparison service that can save customers thousands of dollars by finding the best prices for prescription medicines from both local and mail order pharmacies
  • GoodRx and Go Health is not affiliated with any pharmacy that has a price identified in its price comparison tool
  • Customers can save even more money by clicking the “Get Coupon” link on certain Go Health prescription listings

After entering their medication name, customers pricing medicines with GoodRx will be given a drop down box to enter their brand (or generic), the form (meaning whether it’s a tablet, cream, pill., etc.), the dosage (usually in milligrams), and the quantity (how many pills). Prices will be shows that match the exact parameters the customer entered.

Go Health RX Comments

  • Appears to be a free tool
  • For customers who have medicines that aren’t covered under their prescription plan, Go Health is the best way to get the cheapest prescriptions
  • GoodRx isn’t offering any medical advice or recommending a specific prescription drug, but is just comparing prices of these drugs for customers

Many medicine manufacturers offer coupons online, but these can be tough for customers to find on their own. If a price listing has “Get Coupon” listed beside it, that means GoodRx has tracked down an online coupon that’s available for this medicine, letting the customer pay even less.

Can Go Health Rx be used with insurance?

  • All pharmacies listed with GoodRx are contractually obligated to accept manufacturer’s coupons
  • The Health RX headquarters is based at 233 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 990, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Go Health can find prices that are cheaper than a co-pay at times, customers are just asked to check with their insurance company first to make sure a receipt from Go Health can be submitted for coverage. Many insurance plans do let these be added to deductible amounts.  Any questions about the Go Health RX Tool can be directed to 888-799-2553.

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